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10 Amazing mind tricks

by lovelight about a year ago in list

Mind Tricks to Play on Your Friends

How to mess a person’s game if they’re playing well

By simply asking, how exactly they’re playing well. They would overthink about it and would tend to do a mistake'

Here’s how to control people with your eyes

If a person wants to go a certain way, and if he/she is looking at you, then you try looking at the opposite direction. Chances are that the person might start walking into the said direction.

It is for someone who has a hard time waking up in the morning.

After going to bed at night tell your mind that tomorrow morning, I am going to wake up really late. Repeat 3 times. The mind is rebellious. It will do the opposite. You will be surprised that you will wake up early.

This trick is great for people who want to lose weight and here it goes:

Brush your teeth whenever you think you should be done with eating that day.

Let’s say you eat your last meal at 5pm and you don’t want to eat anything else that day anymore. It is hard to resist if you will be up until 10–11 pm.

So you go and brush your teeth and trick your brain that you are done with eating. If you get hungry again, then go brush your teeth again and keep doing it until you are ready to go to bed.

By the way, there is a great side benefit to using this mind trick to lose weight: you will have white teeth.

If you want people to like you more, ask them to do favours for you. People think that doing nice things for others will make them like them more, but actually, when you as someone to do a favour for you, their subconscious thinks “I’m doing something for this person, so I must like and care about them.” It works.

Ask someone to say SILK 5 times. They will go:

  • SILK
  • SILK
  • SILK
  • SILK
  • SILK

Now ask them: “What does the cow drink?”

‘MILK’ will be the swift answer they provide!

Enjoy their reaction after you tell them that the cow drinks water and not milk.

Wait for someone to look at their watch. A moment later, ask them for the time. They will look at their watch again. Never fails.

Trick: The number game

You: I can make you say the number 14.

Your friend: No! you can not.

You: What is 2+3?

Your friend: 5.

You: Multiply it with 3.

Your friend : “15.”

You: I won. You were not supposed to say ‘15.’

Your friend: No! I wasn't supposed to say ‘14.’

Now, wear a cool smile on your face. You just made your friend say ‘14.’

Say to your friend "I can make you read my mind. I'll write down my thoughts on a piece of paper, and you'll have to tell me what they are."

Write down on a piece of paper: "I don't know." Fold it up and cover it with your hand.

Then say to your friend: “Now tell me, what’s on my mind?”

Your friend will most probably reply: “I don't know.”

Unfold the paper and reveal your tremendous psychic powers .

Ask your friends to name the color of the ink. Then, take a pen with red ink. Write the word green. Chances are that they would say that the ink color is green. This is called stroop effect. This will work for most color/word combinations. It basically means that semantic processing can occur before perceptual processing. It is an example of top-down influences on perception. It is also an evidence against serial processing of information by the brain.

Blinking rapidly may be a sign of flirting with the opposite sex. It tells you the person is interested, wanting to look at you, but also shy and not sure how to act around you.



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