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Wyoming License Plates and Vehicle Registration

In Wyoming, you have to title and register each vehicle you buy. You must register your car in person if you want to have it registered with the WYDOT.

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Wyoming License Plate

It's crucial to obtain your Wyoming license plates to keep out of trouble with the law. Here is all the information you require.

Even if setting up your license plates may seem the most basic task, many car owners in Wyoming have struggled. We have covered all of your concerns with Wyoming license plates, including how to obtain them, the varieties that are permitted, and how to personalize them.

Wyoming License Plate Registration

In Wyoming, you have to title and register each vehicle you buy. You must register your car in person if you want to have it registered with the WYDOT. You must present identification proving your address, a bill of sale, and any other pertinent paperwork in order to register your car or motorcycle. Normally, if you purchased through a dealer, they will take care of the paperwork. You are in charge of finishing the registration and titling as well as acquiring Wyoming license plates in the event of a private sale. If you want to check out your vehicle’s history, check out Wyoming license plate lookup tool.

As was already said, you apply for LPs following registration. Since Wyoming is a two-plate state, your vehicle must have front and rear number plates. Only use the back one if you're driving a motorcycle or a trailer.

How do you obtain a new Wyoming license plate?

All Wyoming residents, regardless of age or residence status, are required to register their vehicles with the county treasurer's office. They can do this over the phone, online, or even by mail.

To register your car and obtain new license plates, you must submit the following documents in accordance with Wyoming law:

  • Identity evidence,
  • Proof of residency,
  • Information about the lienholder (if any),
  • Registration from your previous state (if any);
  • A copy of the vehicle title,
  • Evidence of insurance,
  • VIN,
  • A lease agreement (if applicable);
  • A completed Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection Application (MV-300A).

A fresh set of Wyoming license plates is issued after you register a passenger car for $30. The registration cost for trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles may rise in proportion to the vehicle's weight.

What are the rules for Wyoming license plates?

Wyoming requires two license plates, therefore your vehicle must have one in the front and one in the back.

Your front license plate must be fixed in its right location; it is forbidden to place it on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Both plates need to be securely fastened and can't move around easily.

The distance between the ground and the plate's bottom should be adequate.

While passenger cars are required to display both the front and rear plates, custom and vintage cars are only required to display the rear plates.

Wyoming license plate color

Since 2008, the Wyoming license plates have used the same basic design. It currently consists of a graphic plate with black writing depicting a Bucking Horse and Rider. Squaretop Mountain, the Green River Lakes, and blue skies make up the background. WYOMING used to be located at the bottom of license plates before 2008, however it is now yellow and located at the top.

Are frames for license plates permitted in Wyoming?

Yes, you are permitted by Wyoming law to personalize your vehicle with license plate frames. However, they must be securely fastened in place and must not block or cover any of the text or decals.

Does Wyoming bans license plate covers?

Yes, Wyoming law prohibits license plate covers.

Are tinted license plate covers prohibited in Wyoming?

Yes, Wyoming prohibits tinted license plate covers.

What kinds of license plates can you get in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, you can apply for various types of specialty license plates depending on your interests or profession;

Prestige Plates, Veteran Specialty Plates, Firefighter Specialty Plates, Disabled Veteran Specialty Plates, Tribal Plates, and Wildlife Conservation Plates are some of the specialty license plates available.

How much do personalized license plates cost in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, personalized license plates typically cost $30. The application can be completed and mailed to 5300 Bishop Boulevard, Cheyenne, Wyoming, (307) 777-4375. The personalized license plates will be delivered to your county treasurer's office after being approved.

Is Wyoming a state with two plates?

Yes, Wyoming requires both front and rear license plates for most vehicles because it is a two-plate state. You are excluded from the rule, though, if your car is an antique, custom, or was manufactured with just a rear plate bracket.

What is the price of a Wyoming license plate?

The cost of a standard Wyoming license plate is $30. However, as you'll probably apply for license plates while registering a new car, you'll also need to pay for other expenses, including registration, title, and the style of license plate you want.

Is a front license plate required in Wyoming?

The majority of passenger vehicles are required to carry both a front and a rear license plate because Wyoming is a two-plate state. Since 2015, however, it has not been mandatory for vintage and customized cars to display the front plate. Vehicles that were produced without a front plate bracket are also not included.

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