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Writing happy as a daisy

by Roseinbloom 6 months ago in humanity

Writing in a random different way, seeing if it makes you happy as a daisy like it makes me when I get to write something different than I have posted

I love to write all kinds of things, but why am I scared to publish it?

All the different styles of writing and topics are fun to write about so.. Why am I scared to share what I love to write about? Even when there isn't any comment section on this site.. Why do I hesitate? Past history fear of rejection that still lingers here and there possibly?

The hardest is not writing what I love to write the most because it's a touchy subject considering to this site. Still, that doesn't hold me back from spreading love towards others without even mentioning things of the nature.

Especially when it is part of a person's testimony in changing from who they were in the past to who they are now. Thankful for every day that it's not the same as it was. Trials are harder, yet honey, you are stronger than you were back then too.

All the emotions that go into writings, some may go unnoticed, some taken personal when read, and the ones absorbed by the reader-- Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, it's like ourselves written on the page for people to read.

People may not understand some writers put more than just book knowledge and here this is how you become a successful writer blah blah blah, along with proper grammar. Some writers put their hearts into what they write, pouring every ounce of feeling, emotion, imagination, being about them into what they do! To make sure what is written is conveyed is how they want their audience to feel.

There is a writer in all of us, even when we don't know it. To some it comes off easier- Smooth as water, to those have to pry it out of their system and brains to come up with something.

Along with styles of how people write are as they are. Some just write as they think, some study all they know on the subject then write, some just write as the words come along even if not thinking about anything at all, Some are just road block after road block after road block writers. Along with how fast people write about stuff, some are quicker than others. Some are more in depth, some use humor, some use stats and facts, and you begin to get my point on what I am saying.

Writing is a way of expression and sharing it isn't any different. It is read and can be spoken, acted upon- depending on the written topic, etc. So why is it so hard for writers to share their expressions at times?

There are lets see- I don't want to- all the negative things, not going to list them.- Jobs telling writers what they can and can't write, rules of so many things, limitations of jobs & pay to writers- depending where you work/live, then having to have requirements on the writing in order to publish.. To an extent it makes sense and then again did anyone remember a long speech after it was spoken word for word? Or the Letter of Independence word for word after read once? If so, congrats on the amazing memory span.

Writers are so happy when they are in their element of writing, I'd like to write the phrase- "Happy as a daisy." For the reason why I posted the Daisy photo as the heading.

Haha, all this squirreling on writing- so I felt I have done on this. I hope you have enjoyed it and know you aren't the only one struggling with writing. Even the top, famous writers struggle as well.

Like movies and books, there is a wrap up.

"Don't turn me into a burrito!!" XD said one.

"Oh, yes I will!!" said another.

"Why do you want to turn me into a burrito?" the first one asked, confused.

With joy, swarming the second one in the blanket with them and said, " I wanted to burrito my love and cares for you and burrito myself into you."

The two burrito'd (wrapped in a blanket) together, "Awe, how sweet of you." I'd rather be burrito'd with you than anyone else. Viseversa was said on they wouldn't want to be wrapped in a blanket with anyone else.

They closed their eyes and held each other tight for they burrito'd each other for the rest of their lives- Classic cheesy romantic ending. Haha, want more extra cheese heart this and I will write more stories like the burrito'd or my other stories and other writings.

Hoped you liked the change in writing.

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