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be careful what you write.

By Jessica jonesPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Ive been told that you can not start a new chapter without first closing another. In accordance with this, Ill start at the end.

My Name is Elizabeth Watson. My friends call me izzy, although no one has called me that in some time. Its been seven years to the day that I first saw it. Peeking out from under a pool table on the shaggy burgundy carpet of that run down bar. I was having shit luck that day. One of those "whatever can go wrong will go wrong" kinda days. I'm not sure what drew me to it... but before I could blink I was staring at it in my hands. I haven't been able to be more than five feet away from it since then. You write your future in it.. and once you start...

"Izzy what the hell is going on in here?" I heard Melissa's voice over the music. Wait where's the music? "What happened to the music?" I asked. Melissa looked down at me as I tried to pull myself from the floor. "Izzy, what are you talking about there is no music. Are you hung over?" The question seemed far off to me and hard to make out like it was in another language. "I'm gonna go with yes" I managed to get out before Melissa responded. "How can you be hung over!? You have one of the most important meetings of your life today." anxiety riddled and panicked, "COFFEE!", "WE NEED COFFEE AND NOW! Go and a grab a shower I'm gonna put coffee on."

I caught myself staring at the eucalyptus leaves draped over my shower head. Fog over the previous nights events was beginning to lift, but what meeting was Melissa referring? I lost my job yesterday and ended up in a dive bar. I literally had no current plans other than looking for a job before next months rent was due. Turning off the shower then grabbing a towel I yelled to Melissa. "Melissa, you mind telling me what meeting I'm suppose to have today?", "Are you kidding? Zachary Watts wants to publish your book and you don't remember you have a meeting with him? That's taking "mind eraser" to a whole new level iz." Shit what did i drink? what happened after I found that book? How did i make it home? Now one of the biggest publishers in the Tri- State area wants to have a meeting with me and I have no memory of speaking to him. " Hand me that coffee, what time is the meeting?, Do you recall?" Handing me the coffee,"10:30am so you better put some pep in your step." Glancing at the clock which read 9:14am, I placed the mug down on the table next to the notebook... I started to walk to the room but something was strange about the book. Scooping it up I ran into the bedroom to get dressed. Putting the book on the bed, I started for the closet. (Green, green is the color of the day Iz) The thought dominated my mind. Hanging on the inside of the closet door was a lovely green dress. Id never seen it before yet the image of it was in my head just a second before I opened the door. There wasn't any time to question it. Slipping the dress on i grabbed the notebook and slid it into my purse. At the door were a pair of gold heels. "Melissa, are these your?" I asked. She shook her head, "If you want them to be I'll gladly take ownership." Picking one up i looked at the bottom "size 6, gotta be mine" I slipped them on and grabbed my jacket.

On my way out the door I called back to Melissa, "Hey, you know where the meeting is?" "You had to have written it down somewhere. Check that notebook that was on the table this morning." Walking out of the apartment I reached into my purse and grabbed the book. Right there on the very first page read, Meeting tomorrow with Zachary Watts for publishing deal, 10:30am wearing striking new green dress with gold heels and accessories. You got the job already just bring it home. At the bottom written boldly and underlined read, 333 west 46th street, 17th floor suite A. Pulling my phone from my pocket i pulled up the PickUp app and put in the address. I couldn't understand any of what was happening and don't remember writing any it. Nevertheless, I was gonna utilize this opportunity to make my dreams come true.

Sure as it was written it was so. I got to the the meeting and there was Mr. Watts. Watts was a man of few words.. (verbally that is). He looked at me, looked at his watch, and asked, "Are you as punctual with deadlines as you are with meetings? I answered "yes of course". He gave me a contract to look over and waited while I did just that. Once I finished, he collected the signed paperwork, shook my hand, and handed the papers to his attorney. He told me he expected me in his office on Monday at Nine o clock and handed me a signed check for 2.5 million dollars. "During that time you'll meet with your editor where you can spiffy up your manuscript." He walked out and I looked down at the check in my hand. It was surreal... Yesterday i lost my job and didn't know what my next steps would be. Today I was handed a check for 2.5 Million dollars. I repeated it back to myself four times before i managed to believe it. Gathering myself, I slid the check in between the pages of the notebook and put the notebook in my purse. I picked up my copy of the contract and took a deep breath. This is going to be the beginning of the rest of my life and I'm not exactly sure how it started. What I do know, is it was written in this notebook and now its come to pass. The key to understanding this has to lie within the notebook.

The End..


About the Creator

Jessica jones

writer, performer, poet, spoken word artist, painter, cook... Kinda all around artistic type.

For my entire life all Ive wanted to do is write and now i have a platform where i can indulge. Thanks vocal.

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