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Write the perfect Email to increase your conversation

Full course about how to write a perfect email

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 5 min read

If you are an email marketer, writing the perfect email is very important to you because it affects the rate of clicks on your email or links within your email and in this article we will talk about how to write the perfect email

Part one: Write the perfect subject line

Now if you think that this is unnecessary, you will lose a lot because writing the perfect subject line is one of the most important factors that increase your email open rate dramatically

To write the perfect subject line we must consider three very important things which are Attention - Benefit -curiosity

Now let's take examples to make everything easy and simple

Let's say the subject line is: fat? 7 tips to make you thinner

Now let's see if this subject line satisfies our rule

When you said fat? you definitely caught the other person's attention. When he sees the first word, he'll say yes, I'm fat. What do we have here

And when you said "make you thinner", you mentioned the benefit the person will get when he open your email

Also, when you said "7 tips", here you included curiosity in your subject line so, the other person would say seven tips? I want to see that

Now to make things more easier to you i will recommend this free tool that will help you to test your subject line

this tool is a site called sendcheckit

just put your subject line in the text box and click on "Test Subject Now

Let's take second example now and let's say the subject line is: hello john: see how to get more traffic to your website

As you see in this example we have mentioned the name of the person who will receive the email, so we personalize the email and of course grab the attention

Part two: write the perfect email body

Now I will tell you how to write the perfect email body and I will show you the rules that you have to follow in a very simple way that will help you understand everything related to this matter

In order to write the perfect email you have to consider a few things which are: target, callout, personal connect, authority, reciprocity and social proof

I know there are a lot of things but don't worry you will find them very simple when you see the examples


As you can see in our first example I selected the person I want to send the email to and he is the fat person who wants to reach the ideal weight


This part is very important in writing the email because through it we will attract the attention of the recipient because it is the first part of the email so if it is boring or doesn't attract attention, no one will continue reading the email

To write the perfect callout, you must be direct and clear about the reason for writing this email or the benefit that the person will receive if he continues reading your email

Let's apply this to our example

Hey john:

Do you suffer in losing weight and don't find satisfactory  results

As you can see we were direct and clear so the other person will read this and say: yes I am, what do you have to help me

Personal connect:

Here you have to show some emotion to communicate personally with the other person I will apply this to our example so everything will be clear to you

let's complete our email and say:

You may be surprised but I was just like you two years ago and I didn't know what to do to achieve my goal and reach my ideal weight that's why I totally feel your suffering now

As you can see here we create a personal connect with the other person so this will let him continue read the email


It is very important to show authority to your customers

I mean, you have to show that you can help them despite all the difficulties they face and that you have the solution to their problems

Let's apply this rule to our example and let's complete it like this

But now, after years of research, experimentation, and after I got my medical degree, I have more than 2,000 clients who follow my advice and instructions to see their goals achieved

This will give your clients authority cause you have more than 2000 clients and this is a big number


Here you have to show that you always have something for them

I mean the solution you will give them to help them with their problem

Let's apply this to our example and complete our email like this

And now I'm giving you my next e-book for free!

If you don't want to give it for free and want to sell it

you can complete like this:

And now you'll be very surprised when I tell you that I'm giving away my next e-book for only 2$

This will make them feel that you always owe them something and that you want to help them by

Stay away from saying "Get my book" or "Buy my book now" because this way will not work for you

Always let them feel like you owe them something

Social proof:

Here you have to use screenshots in order to win the trust of the other person more If you are a beginner and don't have these types of screenshots, it is okay

Like what are these screenshots?

Positive reviews or ratings for your e-book

You can get such a screenshot from your store if you own one, or from the same emails if someone responds to you to thank you for your information, or you can create a Facebook page and take reviews from it

Here I come to the conclusion of my article with you, I hope you like it Don't forget to be honest with your customers and give real benefit to them because these things are the basis of success in the field of email marketing 

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