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Work From Home Journey

by Marcus Azaria 2 years ago in advice

Entry level jobs I've discovered

So It's been a while since I've last posted but it's because I've been searching for additional opportunities to bring my readers. So let's dive into some more earning opportunities that I've found. In the end, there will be a YouTube video showing you how to scale up your earnings.

Let's begin with some of the earning options you can explore. Some of them are for your smartphone

  • Instagc—I love this website and it is a great earning opportunity for you to use. You can earn 10 percent of your referrals for life. If you sign up and refer a lot of members you can quit your job. It is free to join.
  • Prize Rebel—This is similar to in terms of the tasks you do to earn. However, with this site, you have the option to earn up to 25 percent of your referral earnings once you have earned more points. Free to join, and if you refer enough members you can quit your job. One of the top earners here makes 1700 USD per month.
  • Eloot—Very similar to the above sites, a little different, and gives you the option to withdraw in bitcoin, which makes it available to everyone who has access to the internet and a technology device.
  •—Now this one does not include surveys, it's an ad viewing website that pays you through PayPal. It is free to join, and can also be a source of income if you're desperately wanting to quit your job. You're just going to need to refer an ungodly amount of referrals. If it wasn't possible I wouldn't show you. So get out there and start referring.
  • Feature Points—This has many earning opportunities including surveys, cashback on shopping, and referring members. Again if you refer a lot of members, you will be able to quit your job
Now I will explain some passive earning sites that basically track your usage, and give you money for it. In the short term is not a whole lot of money, but if invested correctly, over time can be quite a nice chunk of change. I like to compare each of these sites as $10,000 investment, because that is how much it would take if you wanted your money to generate this amount of standard stock investment or dividend yield.
  • Fluid Stack—This is a completely passive earning opportunity, you need a fairly new Computer to be able to run it. I ran it for 10 days and it sent 15 USD to my PayPal automatically at the end of the month. Free to join.
  • you can use this on any device, and it earns you for tracking your device usage. You can use it on up to five devices plus 10 percent of your referral earnings. Free to join and pays by PayPal.
  • Embee Meter cx—You will want to open this link on your smartphone or search it in play store. I have two devices, and it earns me 20 cents per day passively.
  • Pi network—this is by invite only—use code "clixboss" to join, or you can't. It is a new cryptocurrency, and is growing with time. Mine early enough, and this can be your sole source of income in the future. So far I have $8 worth of Pi coins.

Okay now, these will be your foundation for building your online earnings, see the video below on how to increase your referral count and progress to living a fully passive earning life. All your finances will be taken care of, and you will have the freedom to do what you want with your time. I bring this to you because I used to be poor, and I know what it's like to feel like you have nothing, I hope this encourages you, and shows you that life is worth living. Get out of the rat race, and live life how it is meant to be, as a life we love.

If you need money for the method below to feel free to check out this post where you can generate advertising funds for free, it is going to take some of your time, but once you get going it will snowball or compound into making you more than you ever dreamed of. Thank you for reading, and I will continue to bring you stories you want to read.

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash


Marcus Azaria

Constantly searching for additional income sources.Millennial, 3 time provincial sports champion(basketball,baseball). Theoretically the youngest billionaire in the history of the world and the richest for my age (Satoshi Nakamoto).

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Marcus Azaria
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