Work from Home As a Digital Nomad | 6 Ways to Stay Productive

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Tips to stay productive while working from home

Work from Home As a Digital Nomad | 6 Ways to Stay Productive

Life as a travelling freelancer or digital nomad may seem problem-free or impressive due to location independence. However, staying focused in your work can be a bit challenging, and you need to remain highly productive to make your clients happy, keep your businesses thriving and gain a steady income to maintain your lifestyle. Here are six tips suggested by Hobo with a Laptop to help you stay productive as you work from home during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

1. Create a Schedule

Working from home requires that you hold yourself accountable just like a typical office job; therefore, you need to come up with a plan. In the routine, don’t only indicate your work duties but also other responsibilities in your life so that nothing will be left untouched. If you usually go out for a run or need time for your kids, ensure you allocate time for these activities. It’s also crucial to have breaks in your routine to refresh both physically and mentally. Once your schedule is complete, let your family, friends, and coworkers understand it to know when you are available.

2. Work when you are most Productive

One main tip on how to stay productive while working from home is determining your productive time. Some people are more active early in the morning while others prefer working at night. It all depends on your energy levels at different times and how they pick or fall throughout your day. Maximize your high energy periods by tackling challenging and demanding tasks at that time, and organize your entire work schedule around that time.

3. Create a Dedicated Workplace

It is crucial to create a conducive working environment by ensuring that your work section is well cleaned bright with minimal decorations. Have all your supplies ready and remove anything off the tables if you don’t need them for work. Since you don’t have a dedicated workplace, you need to come up with your version of an office by picking up options that make you feel motivated. Ensure that you have a comfortable table or chair at home, but you may also choose outdoor co-working spaces in your compound but select a quiet place to focus.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Social media is a major productivity killer, and if you need to make money from home, try and avoid it when working. You can choose to leave your phone in another room to avoid temptations, but you can still dedicate some break sessions to check your feeds and reply to your friends.

5. Work in Batch to Optimize the Concentration

Batching is a management system where you categorize your tasks by grouping similar work and doing it in blocks to avoid wasting time as you switch from one job to another. It helps to boost your concentration and improve productivity as well. For instance, you can choose to check your emails on a particular time since multiple checking can hinder your attention, and the ability to focus on your projects.

6. Do an end of day Assessment

Tick off your tasks after accomplishment to bring out a sense of achievement, which can increase your motivation level. Evaluate your day and find areas of improvement as you determine what successfully works for you. Ask yourself what you accomplished on a specific day and how you did it; decide what you need to do better and whether you accomplished all goals. After the assessment, plan for the following day accordingly.


The above home working tips for digital nomads are simple and easy to practice to help boost your efficiency. To achieve high productivity, you need to make changes in your working habits, adopt a great routine, remain consistent and stay focused.

Patrick Watt
Patrick Watt
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