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Twenty-Five Reasons Why

By Babs IversonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read
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Do you know why people buy? Perhaps, you never gave it much thought. However! Without straining your brain, you probably could name two or three reasons without really trying. Are they on the tip of your tongue?

Actually, my marketing knowledge wasn't first-rate. Until, in 1988, a marketing course changed everything. We were encouraged to memorize the twenty-five reasons why people buy. Really, it's true! Furthermore, our grade for the course depended on that bit of knowledge.

Have you any idea why you buy the things that you do? Any ideas? Unsurprisingly, marketers know; you should too! If you are thinking, to save money, you are correct. Your saving money is the second reason on our list. Making money is number one and saving time is number three, did you have these two reasons on your list?

Naturally, when you make convenient store stops, you are saving time. Aren't you? As for saving money, we are always looking for ways t0 cut our expenses and to save money. Where these three reasons on your list? If so, give yourself a pat on the back. Now, that we have the top three, to make money, to save money, and to save time, there are only twenty-two more to go!

Do you buy for ease and comfort? It seems like people are always looking for the easy way and to avoid a lot of effort. Have you noticed that advertisements proclaim that it's simple and easy? Instantly, we are hooked! When you are shopping do you reach for the cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, cushy mattress toppers, and soft comfy items? If so, you are buying for comfort!

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Further down on the list, number six and number seven are for health and to escape the pain. People purchase a lot for health as well as to escape physical pain. Think about all the things you buy to keep yourself healthy and pain-free. From fitness clubs to pain creams and medicines, there are literally hundreds of expenditures that fall under these two categories. Marketers use these reasons every day. In fact, you will soon realize that these reasons are being used in advertising a product or products. Now, the next time you see a pain reliever advertised on TV; you will know what button they are trying to push.

By Cristian Cristian on Unsplash

Did you say for pleasure? Pleasure is number eight on the reasons why people buy. Can you name all the things you buy for pleasure? Morning coffee to aromatherapy candles and so much more, these would fall under buying for pleasure buying.

How about for praise and to attract the opposite sex? Are these on your list? If you did, they are numbers nine and ten on our list of reasons why people buy. Obviously, people buy many things for praise and to attract the opposite sex. From the latest fashions to colognes and perfumes, when buying them, you are buying for praise and to attract the opposite sex.

By Clay Banks on Unsplash

What about cleanliness? On our reasons why people buy list, cleanliness is number eleven out of twenty-five. How many things do you buy that would fall under cleanliness? Probably, lots!

The next three are to preserve possessions, for enjoyment, and to gratify curiosity. Which one do you spend the most on? My guess would be number thirteen enjoyment which includes entertainment and amusement. If you have all the money in the world, you might buy a lot to preserve possessions.

Fifteen is the protection of family while number sixteen is to be in style. Teens love to buy to keep in style, but they aren't the only ones that buy to be in style. Truly, think about all the advertisements that allude to style. The first thing that comes to mind is cars.

By Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Naturally, beautify possessions is number seventeen on the list. With number eighteen is emulate others, people always want items or things that others have. What people see, people want!

Indeed, the next three touches on the personal. Numbers nineteen to twenty-one, to be an individual, to avoid criticism, and to protect reputation. You, me, and others express our individuality and follow-up by trying to avoid criticism and protecting our reputation with a good number of things that we buy.

Now, we are at number twenty-two to avoid trouble, what do you buy to avoid trouble? Communicating helps to avoid trouble, cell phones would be an excellent example for avoiding trouble. When it comes to avoiding trouble, car insurance comes to mind, too. What do you buy in order to avoid trouble? Now, there are three more to go!

By Stephanie Klepacki on Unsplash

Have you thought about satisfying your appetite? Number twenty-three is to satisfy the appetite. Maybe, you would have had this as your number three or four on the reasons to buy. The next time you are eating or are going out to eat, you are satisfying your appetite.

By Possessed Photography on Unsplash

People buy for safety. Does home insurance come to mind? What about health insurance? Yes! Number twenty-four is for safety.

By Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash

Finally, number twenty-five would be to take advantage of opportunities. Unsurprisingly, people like to take advantage of sales or an opportunity! Giving the consumer the feeling that they are being able to take advantage of an opportunity, the seller or marketer is appealing to this very reason. Have you ever heard for a limited time only? If you respond to the limited-time offer, you are taking advantage of an opportunity.

While watching television, pay attention to the commercials and try to match the advertising with the reasons why a person would buy.

Finally, here is the complete list of why people buy: to make money, to save money, to save time, to avoid effort, for comfort, for health, to escape physical pain, for pleasure, for praise, to attract the opposite sex, for cleanliness, to preserve possessions, for enjoyment, to gratify curiosity, to protect family, to be in style, to beautify possessions, to emulate others, to protect reputation, to avoid trouble, to satisfy the appetite, for safety and to take advantage of opportunities. Be sure to match the product advertisements with the reason or reasons, it's a no-cost fun game to play.


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Barbara J Iversen, also known as Babs Iverson, lives in Texas and loves her grandkids to the moon and back. After writing one story, she found that writing has many benefits especially during a pandemic and a Texas-size Arctic Blast.

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