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The Problem of Beginning Entrepreneurs

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Let's see, entrepreneurship is the ability and willingness to conceive, develop and manage a business in order to make a profit.

The problem of this isn't only in being an entrepreneur but in being a successful entrepreneur.

The problem of beginning entrepreneurs

It happens that people even manage to have good business ideas, the big problem is when this business starts giving results and many of them are big results, I really mean money my dear reader, when the business gives money many people end their career as an entrepreneur, that's why not everyone manages to stay.

Maybe the title of this text story should be ''why people can't stay in an entrepreneurial career?'' but I wanted to draw your attention because people can be entrepreneurs but not everyone prepares for when the laurels of the business arrive so many careers have ended right at the beginning.

By Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

Business money should not be used for personal use, we should treat it as ''my business money'' to be aware that it is not money for your needs and you may ask me, but isn't that why I created this business? Let's say yes, but the money should be used in other investments that become passive income with the aim of creating various sources of income.

One thing I have always done is to create a salary for myself, but it is not a big salary, it is based on my expenses without any whim, without unnecessary expenses because of the goal I have, salaries counting with the whims and pampering makes who is already a great entrepreneur and with years of experience and with several sources of functional income, these yes can already pamper themselves, satiate their desires, but for us small and entrepreneurs with a few years on the road, we must remain firm in our goal, financial freedom, there we will have how to make a big salary for ourselves counting on our whims.

And that's why not everyone can succeed in this career, it requires a lot of control and discipline and before you reach the level of hiring a manager, an accountant or a secretary, you must do all this yourself, to understand and be aware of how is not to be fooled if you come across scammers.

Study a lot about managing your business, discipline your desires, you are in charge, don't be guided by them, desires are controllable and if you overcome this aspect you will be able to do everything in your entrepreneurial career.

An entrepreneur's thinking

Every entrepreneur must have goals, your plans must be aligned with your goals so you can get there, if your mindset is to be a millionaire read about the millionaires, what did they do to reach this level? How did they diversify their sources of income? Look at your possibilities and create plans to reach the desired level based on your own expectations.

Being an entrepreneur is putting yourself in the consumer's place much more than in the seller's place, knowing how to solve consumers' problems, ask yourself, does my business solve society's problems?

Another mistake that makes many people fail in this career is that they do not associate their business with causes, they prefer to associate with things, things are disposable, but causes are linked to people, so if you bring a solution for people, there is no way your business fails.


I wish every entrepreneur to be strong, the desire to give up is what you will have most on this journey, but that it is not greater than the desire to revenge, hugs.


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