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Why are candle boxes made of kraft paper?

by Jhon Wix about a year ago in product review
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Custom Candle Packaging

Candles are not just an item these days, but are also used as decorations and room decorations for a variety of occasions. The candle is a symbol of light, enlightenment, love, passion, dignity, humility and much more. That is why it is seen everywhere and almost every occasion from weddings, birthdays, celebrations and religious to other celebrations. Candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and scents. From the usual to expensive handmade or organic candles with healing properties, all come in candle boxes.

There are different types of candles, but the most effective and popular are kraft paper boxes. Custom craft paper candle boxes are tailored to the needs of the company, such as material selection, box thickness, shapes and sizes, designs or other specifications that make them match the product and the essence of the company.

Here are the reasons why kraft paper custom candle boxes are widely used for candle packaging.

As required

The main advantage of kraft paper boxes is that they are fully customizable in terms of shapes, sizes and designs. Kraft paper is adjustable in thickness, shapes such as round box, hexagon box, pipe box, square box, window cutout candle box, and many more, which can gracefully hold any shape of candle. There is no restriction on the design, color, prints, patterns, custom company logo and other information you want in any font or typography you want.

Marketing and advertising

Custom candle boxes better represent the product and the company. Customer-specific designs such as logos and colors, which form the essence of the brand, strengthen the brand with customers. These boxes speak for the brand wherever they go or are kept.


Kraft paper packaging is the most durable packaging for all kinds of products, especially delicate items such as candles. Candles are made of wax and need to be strong and sturdy. Custom candle boxes can be adjusted in thickness according to product type.


Everyone must be held accountable for actions that affect the environment, as environmentally friendly packaging has severely damaged the environment. Kraft paper is best for product packaging because it is eco-friendly. It does not release carbon footprint. Power candle boxes are biodegradable and usable.

High Quality

The quality of the packaging affects the quality of the product as it is the only and first thing the user sees about the product. Custom craft paper candle box can be improved in quality through techniques like lamination. Lamination in high gloss or mat gives the custom cardboard boxes a smoother, thinner and more polished shape. It also increases the strength of the box by making it water and moisture resistant.


Custom boxes are not only attractive but also protective because of the custom shape which makes the product safe due to the perfect size and durable structure of the boxes. Due to the structure of the cardboard box, die cut cardboard boxes offer extremely durable packaging.


Candle Wholesale offers high quality fully spec boxes like any other packaging material at the lowest prices. Wholesale candle boxes are affordable and they provide affordable packaging that is accessible to everyone. Craft boxes are made of recycled paper, which makes them cheaper than other packaging materials on the market.

To differentiate yourself from other brands, spit out your candle boxes without losing your luck. Wholesale candle boxes are the biggest win for the business as they can get high end packaging at the lowest price. Choose wholesale, wholesale bespoke candle boxes to make your brand one of the most successful as they will not cost you much and will still add some extra pizzas to your packaging.

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