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Where To Sell Feet Pics in America?

How can you sell your Feet Pics if you are from the United States (US)? We have listed a number of platforms where you can sell Feet Pics and make money.

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Where To Sell Feet Pics in America?
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Where to sell feet pics in America?

How you can sell your feet pics in America 

Where to sell feet pics in America? Individuals who earn by selling adult content mostly belong to the United States of America. The explicit content has further niches in which foot fetish dwells as one of the most lucrative means of earning.

However, the foot pics and videos are generally considered the demand of various marketplace sectors. The marketplace of feet contents includes.

  • Blogger and Publishers
  • Foot Lovers
  • Artists
  • Foot care Product Brands
  • Modeling Agencies
  • Footwear
  • Foot Accessories

Let's see how you can sell feet pics in the US and earn online.

Is it legal to sell feet pics in the US?

Yes, it's legal to sell feet pics on various platforms only if

  1. You are 18 or older and have a valid ID card for age verification.
  2. You should have the copyrights of all the content you post on any platform.

In case of violating these rules, you might get banned temporarily/permanently from a certain platform. Other legal actions include the cessation of the transactions.

Where are foot fetishes commonly found in the world?

According to the answers posted for this one, I will conclude it by saying.

Foot fetishes are more common in regions with liberal social values. Those regions of the world include Europe, China, and the US. However, it's more commonly found in European countries, with Germany at the top.

Few traces of foot fetishes are also found in Japan and Brazil as well. Foot fetish porn is mostly produced in the US, where you are likelier to see individuals with a fetish for Feet worship.

The US has become the region where every 1 in 3 has a fetish for a certain body part. Foot fetish is the most practiced fetish among Bondage, Fandom, BDSM, and others.

However, according to a user experience, foot fetish is more common in China than in the US.

Where can I sell my feet pics in the US?

Here are some platforms to sell feet pics in the US. However, you can make your payments through PayPal, Venmo, and Wise. These payment methods work in full swing in the US.

Feetfinder: No.1 Site to Sell Feet Pics:

Feetfinder can be legally used in almost every state. It is widely used to take the user's security and issues very seriously. Customer support is their top priority which makes this platform better than others.

You can make money by selling your Feet albums, charging for a subscription, and letting your fans pay a monthly fee to view your content. Your super fans can pay you a tip to support you or to order custom content from your FeetFinder.

Feet Finder also has an established Twitter page with a big audience, which means you can sell better on this site.

Selling your Feet Pics on Onlyfans:

OnlyFans is a UK-based subscription service that can be legally used in America. It's the major source of income for many sex workers in the porn industry.

Foot fetish is one highly bought content on OnlyFans. Many top sellers earn more than $500 by selling feet pics on this platform.

Many top OnlyFans pages sell Feet pics one on one to the clients, which cost anywhere between $10 to $100 per picture.


The subscription-based platform is owned by California, a US state. Only females who are 18 or older can register on Instafeet. However, the platform is quite strict in some of its policies, according to which

  • You are not allowed to include your body part above your knees.
  • You cannot upload blurred feet pics.
  • Instafeet only charges 10% of your earnings on each sale.


The platform operates in both the states, UK and US. You can participate in Foap missions to increase your chances of being hired by different agencies and companies.

However, it's quite difficult to make more sales of fetishistic content on Foap. Your feet pics might make more sales for commercial use than for personal use. The app charges half of your earnings made on each sale.


Instagram is a widely used social media platform. It can be used in two ways.

You can generate a business account on Instagram to sell your feet pics.

Use it as a marketing prop. Promote your official website or accounts on other platforms by mentioning links in your bio.

However, it's more fun earning through Instagram. You can post teasers, use filters, and go live to keep your followers engaged.


Yet another US-based social media platform, Whisper, is widely used for its best features. You can sell your feet pics, make confessions, and post secrets without revealing your name and details.

The big plus is,

You can continue making your earnings for a lifetime after listing your feet pics for once.

FAQ; What are some cons of selling feet pics?

Negative perception

This taboo is attached to selling feet pics which makes it an unethical way of earning. This might also create conflicts for many individuals in non-liberal countries. However, the only solution is to earn anonymously in this industry. Fortunately, this is not an issue in the United States.

Content Theft

Your feet, pics, and videos can be stolen. So, it's better you always watermark them before you send your image previews to your client. You can also reduce the picture quality a bit before uploading them to your profile.

There are more scammers in this Industry.

In this industry, you are more likely to face scammers sliding into your DMs doing activities that include.

They might ask you for your personal details such as phone number, location, etc.

Ask for more than feet pics. They might even ask for nudes. So, if this is not something you offer on your profile, don't accept such offers.

It pays you more than what you agreed on. Then ask for refunds. That's a complete scam.

Ask for the order before paying for it.

Anonymity Issues

If you choose to earn anonymously in this field, your struggle to get more clients becomes twofold.

Buyers are more interested in buying from creators whom they can follow on social media apps like Instagram. So, earning anonymously will somehow affect your earnings.

Struggle to gather reviews

You need to stay active and connected with your followers. Building customer loyalty and a huge fan following consume a lot of time and effort.

P.S; How to sell feet pics in America?

You can sell your feet pics on almost every app and website that deals with selling entertaining content. However, there are more chances of getting sales through adult websites.

These adult and foot content-related websites are mostly hosted by Americans. Hence, there are more chances of earning well by selling feet pics in the US. Other platforms include Reddit, Twitter, eBay, etc.

Also, the fact that most fetishes are found in the US makes sense why more American websites exist in this industry.

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