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When Failure Strikes Again I Choose To Be Strong

There can be no regrets in life because we can't let ourselves be sad and tearful in our memories, and always insist on coming to the pursuit.

By BobbyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
When Failure Strikes Again I Choose To Be Strong
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  There can be no regrets in life because we can't let ourselves be sad and tearful in our memories, and always insist on coming to the pursuit.

  --The caption

  With the dream of life, carrying my hope, I came to Tianjin Railway Vocational and Technical College, where I released my dream and sowed my future, and I am waiting for it to blossom and bear fruit.

  I am a student of the Railway Transport Department, Railway Transport Class I. I like writing, reading, singing, and speaking, and I am an optimistic, and cheerful person. When I saw the announcement of the singer competition and speech competition of the Department of Transportation, I did not hesitate to sign up, and I prepared very seriously, so I passed the final round in the singer competition, and I was very confident, since then I went to the playground every night to practice songs, along with the cold and wet breath, until 11:30. I got up at 6:20 a.m. and went to the open space outside the school to practice my speech, and when others were swimming in dreamland, I was alone in front of the cold computer changing my PowerPoint over and over again because I didn't want to give up every opportunity to exercise myself. I want to succeed, so I must work hard. I believe that opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared.

  October 27, is an unforgettable day, that is the day of my competition, but I failed and was eliminated with the lowest score, I was very sad and disappointed, thinking of tomorrow's speech contest, I thought there is still hope, so late at night, I sat in front of the cold computer again, began to change the PowerPoint over and over again, read the speech, but the sky does not follow people's wishes, the afternoon of October 28, I failed again. When failure struck again, no one understood my inner pain and sorrow, I began to give up, I wanted to give up all this because there was no reason for me to persist, I had negative thoughts. Facing the darkness of failure, no one could understand my stress.

  When I was ready to run away from it all, she came forward to encourage me and support me one at a time. She told me: "If you dare to stand on the stage, you are already a success". These words touched my heart for a long time and filled my soul over and over again. After two weeks of hard work, and although I had lost a lot, I felt fulfilled. I began to consider every word she said to me: "This is just the beginning, you won't give up your interest because of this setback", "As long as you try hard, don't regret even if you fail", these words crossed my mind again and again. These words crossed my mind over and over again, her figure in front of my eyes, I saw her heart as calm as water, saw her spoiled principle of dealing with things, thank you for the support and encouragement, I saw the power of failure, when failure again, I choose to be strong.

  Sometimes failure can not prevent you from becoming a successful person, the key still lies in your ideas, that you limit yourself to a small circle, and success and failure are an insurmountable gulf. Never fail is just a myth, as long as you have had success in your life, failure is not terrible.

  British Harold - Evans once had this wonderful discourse: For me, whether a person can sink into failure depends largely on whether he can grasp their failure. Everyone has experienced failure to a greater or lesser extent, and thus failure is a very normal thing. If you want to achieve success, you have to fail on a ladder, in other words, success includes failure. The only thing I want to say about failure is that first of all, we must face up to failure, and then find out the real reasons for failure, establish confidence in overcoming failure, and encourage ourselves with a strong will to step out of defeat and move towards glory.

  Through their failures, we can recognize their shortcomings and limitations, and understand their immaturity. Through the failure of others, we can also be inspired by a lot, and learn a lot of true knowledge, so that we can take many detours.

  On the road of life, there is brilliant sunshine, and there are also clouds, however, the mind is fragile, and the occasional wind and rain, will also make touch the end of the world, but when you stand firm in the wind and rain swaying, after seeing the sun is that bright, every day is still full of hope, temporary failure does not mean anything. One day in the future, I will have wings of roc, water strikes three thousand.

  Out of the shadow of failure, life is still colorful, thanks to the people who gave me support and encouragement after my failure, thank you! When failure strikes again, I choose to be strong. I hope that all people can face up to failure and go on as strong as I did ......


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