When Customers Attack!

by Sofia Sinn about a year ago in industry

The human mouth is dirtier than a public toilet.

When Customers Attack!

At some point in a dancer's career, she will be assaulted in some way shape or form. Yep, I bet you didn't realize that to be a very true reality of the business. It's almost a weekly occurrence. I guess we're sitting targets you could say.

I consider myself to be a strong advocate for women standing up for themselves and defending their bodies. And I can't tell you how many times I've come across women that just put up with it or think that it's okay or normal just because they are a dancer. But that's what our society has imprinted upon women.

More often than not patrons think that they can just do what they want. Assault is assault no matter where you are. And just because you walk through the doors of a strip club doesn't mean the law changes.

I myself have been slapped, choked, sexually violated and my least favorite, bitten! The beauty in all of this? You have the right to defend yourself!

What's more surprising is that the female patron can behave far worse than the men. You'd think it would be opposite but in my experience this is untrue. The worst assault with an injury I've ever endured was from a female patron. And a hot one at that!

This particular incident took place at a club in AZ. It was a very busy Saturday night at the club. I'm on the stage doing my thing when a very attractive girl approaches the stage to tip me. She's a bit tipsy. But nothing crazy, yet...

I leave the stage after my last song ends and walk over to her. I sit in her lap and we talk for a bit. She asks me if I could dance for her so of course, I oblige. We're both having fun and she's pretty well behaved, for now.

The night progresses and I'm back on stage in the normal rotation. She approaches the stage for the second time. As I lean into her, in a close and sensual manner to take her tip, she bites my cheek! Her behavior catches me off guard in more ways than one. I absolutely let her know what will happen to her if she thinks it's okay to continue this inappropriate idea of fun. She apologizes and sits back down. But I chose to avoid her for the rest of the evening.

The rotation of girls on stage continues and it's my turn yet again. And of course, she decides to present herself with a tip. And mind you at this point she's inebriated! My back is facing her and I'm still trying to keep a safe enough distance from her. Not far enough, as she lunges forward and sinks her pearly whites into my lower back! Drawing blood and leaving a perfect impression on my skin.

I immediately flip around to punch her but she's already moved back as if she was expecting that from me. I scream "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, BITCH?!" I feel my blood boiling and need to avoid prison time so I remove myself from the situation and call security over. Apparently, security couldn't get to her soon enough as another dancer storms through the dressing room with a bite on her stomach. "You too, huh?"

Sofia Sinn

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried!

Sofia Sinn
Sofia Sinn
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