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What Is Voicemail Drop?

Keep reading for a primer on how it works and how best to use it.

By Tobias GillotPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Imagine being able to send a message to potential customers that you're almost guaranteed they'll listen to, without the risk of alienating them forever by calling during a meal, a family crisis, or an important business meeting. The ringless voicemail drop makes all of that very possible.

What is ringless voicemail good for?

Sometimes known as “ringless voicemail” or “voice drop,” these messages use software designed to take pre-recorded messages and simply "drop" them into a lead's voicemail system. The software takes advantage of backdoor tech to get the messages into voicemail boxes without making anyone's mobile phone ring.

Voice drop is an incredibly versatile system you can use for anything from sending a customer a thank you to alerting people about a new product. It's also useful to generate leads, send out alerts, or even send non-urgent messages within your own company.

Phones ring by design: those annoying noises are there to get our attention. So how can ringless voicemail possibly work? They work because of the psychology of the human brain. Anytime we see a notification on our phones, we feel guilty about not checking it. And so they’re more likely to check out the voicemail notification that just appeared.

How is this different from telemarketing and voice broadcasting?

You don't disturb your recipient: With traditional telemarketing, you never know what the recipient might be doing when the call rings through. If you catch them at the wrong moment, you cause inconvenience and even anger.

Your message gets through: People hate pre-recorded messages when they ring through live. Recipients are very likely to hang up on a pre-recorded message—far more likely than they are to hang up on a human telemarketer. Yet they will listen to a pre-recorded message if it comes through via voicemail.

You save money: ringless voicemail drops are cost-effective compared to using live agents, and it's still easy to customize the message for different recipient lists. Once you do, simply record your message and press a button to send it to voicemail boxes instantly.

Your message is usually transcribed: Modern voicemail tech transcribes voicemail messages for the recipient. In many cases, your recipient will at least see your message, even if they don't listen to the whole thing. Both Apple and Android phones now feature this ability, and most of the major carriers support it.

How do you use ringless voicemail?

The first step is to choose the right voice applications provider: one with a global reach, well-designed tech, and affordable costs. Once you have your system, getting started is fairly simple.

Set your goals: Just as with any type of marketing strategy, it's crucial that you set clear goals with objective results that you can track easily. At the least, you should know how many people you want to see respond to a call to action.

Design your message: One of the best things about ringless voicemail is the way you can customize your messages to target certain recipients. Take advantage of this—make sure your messages don't sound like a generic mass mailing flyer.

Record your message: Write a script so you (or whoever records the message) don't hesitate and fill the message with "um's" and "ah's." At the same time, be aware that many people sound like robots when they read from a script, so practice until you sound natural and normal. You can record as many times as you like, so there's no reason not to get it just right.

Schedule your drops: You can deliver your voice drops whenever you want. There are strict guidelines on when you can make a telemarketing call, but these don’t normally apply to making a voicemail drop. At the same time, remember that recipients will likely be checking their voicemail at certain times, such as on a lunch break.

Well-designed voicemail drops that are targeted strategically can be an important part of a strategic marketing campaign. With a bit of careful planning, you can make the most of your drops and see quantifiable results.


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