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What is On-Site and Off-Site Drug Testing?

If it is on-site drug and alcohol testing, think 24/7 Onsite, the best drug testing Corpus Christi, without a doubt.

By Wesley SmithPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
What is On-Site and Off-Site Drug Testing?

A new challenge that is hitting the employment sector off late is the level of addiction rates among employees. The speed at which more and more employees are being susceptible to narcotic and alcoholic substances are leading them to turn unproductive for companies. Organizations have been feeling helpless in such a situation. The only option that they have is drug testing.

Substance abuse and alcoholism have spiked up to such a level that almost 75% of the workforce in America is found to be in the clutches of drug abuse and alcoholism. That is specifically very alarming given the needs of a company.

Drug testing is now becoming a popular means to check any addiction as part of the pre-employment process. Very much so, it is the need of the hour. There are mainly two kinds of drug testing that are done. The first being on-site drug testing and the second, off-site drug testing.

What is the difference between the two?

  • On-Site Drug Testing

On-site drug and alcohol testing is where a testing facility has trained staff who uses a mobile service like a van and conducts the test at the specified location. The premium on-site testing service providers help you keep track and take necessary steps for the employees.

It is much similar to how at home sample collections are conducted. The team that comes to run the test is very equipped, carrying all the essentials. The examinee can spare themselves from traveling someplace to get tested, which is the most useful advantage.

  • Off-Site Drug Testing

Off-site drug testing is where the examinee has to report to a specific location to get the test conducted. The designated place will have the entire required setup, along with the trained staff.

It is a very traditional means to get tested while the reports as well take a little while to dispatch. Plus, the examinee needs to figure out the location where they can get the test done.

Drug testing corpus Christi services are available for all employers who would want a background check of substance and alcohol abuse for their current or future employees.

Pros and Cons of On-Site Drug Testing


  • The examinee does not have to travel, hence saving up travel costs.
  • There is no scope for tampering with the test results as the entire process is swift.
  • There is no need to miss work to get tested as the test can be conducted on the office premises itself.
  • Immediate access to negative test results is possible.
  • With Onsite drug-testing you can schedule the testing time as per your convenience. Their team of professionals maintains all the protocols to provide precise results.


  • Since the professionals are coming at the doorstep, the cost incurred would be higher.
  • Privacy is compromised as there will be an attendance of people who will know that you are being tested.

Pros and Cons of Off-Site Drug Testing


  • The examinee has privacy as they have to report to a different location to get tested.
  • The cost of getting the test done is less as you will have to move to the site.
  • The setup has all the backup that may be required.


  • People are lazy by nature and would find it inconvenient to go to the testing center.
  • Company has a liability to be sending its employees off work to get tested.
  • Cheating with the test results because of the lag incurred with respect to transits is possible.
  • The speed of results is relatively slow.

You can clearly see how on-site drug and alcohol testing is the better option of the two. Although the cost might be a little higher, the convenience and precision make it worthwhile.

During this tumultuous situation of the covid-19 pandemic, where the entire world is not only suffering but is also fearful of getting affected by the virus, onsite drug testing has become the way for employers. The importance, now, is more because of the mental pressure people are going through, losing their jobs, losing their loved ones, and so much more. This has led to an increasing percentage of drug consumers.

Being an employer, it becomes your responsibility to safeguard the health of your employees. The Onsite drug-testing providers are making it possible to conduct the tests, following all the safety measures. So, get in touch with them before another person gets addicted.

At 24/7 Onsite Testing Services, they specialize in federal DOT testing, Non-DOT testing, Alcohol testing as well as emergency and on-site scheduling testing. With their understanding to provide accurate results and speedy testing services, they have become one of the most reliable test centers in town. On-site testing will never be this easy. You just have to approach the drug testing Corpus Christi to get the tests scheduled. Whatever be the place, the skilled and trained staff will be there to do the needful. With Onsite drug-testing the testing solutions were never this easy before.


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