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What Is Docker and Why You Should Use It?

Benefits of using Docker

By Croma CampusPublished 2 years ago 4 min read


Many big companies like Spotify and ING use Docker for running their apps due to the advantages the platform provides to its users like scalability, security, reliability, etc. As a result, there is a huge demand for Docker developers in the market that can help companies in running their apps on the platform and make them more scalable and agile.


Today many companies are using Docker containers in place of virtual machines or any other technology for creating, running, and deploying applications. This is mainly due to the advantages the platform provides to developers like scalability, agility, etc. Overall, it is a fantastic open-source platform that helps an organization in creating, deploying, and running apps more quickly and efficiently. Keeping this in mind today we are going to share with you some of the benefits of using Docker for running your apps.

Here are the benefits of using Docker.

Return on Investment:

The biggest advantage of using Docker is that it provides huge ROI to its users. Why it is important? It is important because the decision of management to buy a new product/service for their organization usually depends upon factors like ROI, how useful the product is, how it can help in increasing profits, etc. and Docker meets all these criteria for selection. Using it an organization can easily reduce its costs of infrastructure development, management cost and operation cost. How? Because Docker requires very few resources for functioning properly and running an app which means you can easily reduce your server costs and IT management cost using it. So, if you want to reduce your server costs/IT management costs without affecting the performance of your app then you should use Docker in your organization.


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Consistent Environment and Productivity:

Using Docker containers, a developer can easily create a consistent/ isolated environment for running an app without affecting other apps. What does this mean? It means that by using Docker containers you can easily improve the productivity of developers and help them in deploying new features/ updates for the app more easily and quickly. Amazing, right?

Fast Deployment:

Another advantage of using Docker containers is that it helps in reducing deployment time. Usually setting up hardware and infrastructure for running apps takes time. However, by using Docker a developer can easily and quickly deploy an app without the need of setting up new hardware and infrastructure which might take lots of time. Besides this, it also makes the deployment of new features for the app a very easy thing for a developer. So, if you are a developer then make sure that you use Docker containers it will make your work easier and you would be able to do your work more proficiently and quickly.


Using containers, you can easily make the development process of an app agile/responsive. The containers are highly portable and offer many other advantages to their users which make the development process quicker/agile and responsive. Besides this, you can also use them with services/platforms like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Compute Platform, etc. So, make sure you use containers to make the development process of an app agile and responsive.


Another great benefit of using containers is that they are highly secure. Docker makes sure that each app that is running in a container is completely separate/isolated from other apps. No container can look inside other containers and the processes that are running inside it. Thus, it is right to say Docker containers are very secure and reliable in comparison to virtual machines.

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With Docker containers, you can easily create, maintain, deploy and run apps. Besides this Docker also helps in improving the productivity of a developer, reducing IT management/server costs, make the deployment process easier and quicker. Overall, it is a phenomenal platform for creating, running, and deploying apps and can make the work of a developer very easy. Additionally, there is a huge demand for competent Docker developers in the market and an expert Docker developer can earn between Rs. 4,80,000- 8,15,000 every year.

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