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What If You Could Trade In Your Vocal Earnings For Membership?

by Gal Mux about a year ago in product review
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Would be cool right?

What If You Could Trade In Your Vocal Earnings For Membership?
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

I recently joined Vocal as a creator and I am loving the experience so far. 

The fact that I can post my thoughts and opinions about various issues, fan girl on my favourite celebrities, earn from my views whether internal or external, receive surprise bonuses for reaching various milestones, withdrawal my earnings at my convince and participate in fun contests where I stand to win thousands is very rewarding to me. 

On vocal, stories are published promptly, and rejections have clear and concise reasons behind them that are also promptly communicated to you. There is also no limit as to the number of stories you can publish in a day. 

I have so far made some wonderful progress and I can say with certainty that the platform is one where I will be coming on the regular to share my creativity with the world. 

I have been spending quite some time on the platform trying to learn all I can about it. Through my time on here, I have been motivated to sign up for Vocal+. 

I would want to earn more from my views, be able to withdraw my earnings sooner, and to be able to participate in the writing challenges.

I have actually already finished a draft of one of the challenges and I am waiting to sign up for membership so that I can finally submit it. 

I have been experiencing some problems with signing up for Vocal+ though. For some reason, my payment method doesn't seem to go through. At one point I even received a confirmation email from Vocal welcoming me to Vocal+ but turns out the transaction didn't go through so I was back to square one. 

I guess it is an issue on my side as I haven't heard of any other creator experiencing these issues. It has been very frustrating so far but I am determined to try again soon. 

My frustrations left me wondering about my Vocal earnings so far. I wished that there was a way I could trade them in for membership rather than go through the whole nightmare of the transactions that were failing. 

After all, I intend to pump back my vocal earnings to the platform for membership. They don't have to run a full circle for that. Do they? 

A feature on wallet that could allow members to buy membership internally using their earnings would be super useful. I might not be well conversant with the legal and regulatory aspects of it, but I believe technically that it can be built in. 

This could help Vocal seamlessly maintain its Vocal+ memberships and could also bring ease in paying for membership for creators. 

Also as they do that, building a place for readers to give feedback on the stories they read on the platform would be helpful. I like to hear what a reader thought about my words and opinions. I just don't want to instruct. This would make the communication two way. I'd also like to feel a sense of community on the platform and doing this would help build that. 

Allowing creators to "follow" other creators would be cool too. I'd like to be invested on the creator and also on their story. An easy way for me to do this would be super helpful. It provides the whole experience. 

But most importantly, it would be great if earnings on the platform could be traded in for membership. 

Would you want to trade in your vocal earnings for membership? What are your thoughts on this? 🤔

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