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What Habits Should You Develop When Riding Your Electric Scooter?

by Shiraz Kahn 3 months ago in how to
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Varla Scooters are one of the most cost-effective outdoor electric scooter models. This e-scooter manufacturing company was established to provide off-road electric scooter

Varla Scooters are one of the most cost-effective outdoor electric scooter models. This e-scooter manufacturing company was established to provide off road electric scooter aficionados and electric vehicle enthusiasts with an efficient and ideal all-terrain riding experience with electric scooters.

Varla has introduced two product lines by 2021. The Varla Eagle One is an off road electric scooter that can handle various adventurous terrains. On the other hand, the Varla Pegasus is primarily geared for city commuters and targeted at students, professionals, and city dwellers who only intend to use these scooters to travel within the city on an everyday basis. Nonetheless, the Pegasus from Varla Scooters can handle 99 percent of your urban commuting and roadside traveling needs.

Healthy Habits, whether associated with sports, mobile gadgets, electric vehicles or other hobbies, always benefit your body and mind. The concept of healthy habits applies to electric scooters as well. They are eco and pocket friendly. They come in foldable versions and offer different modes of micro-mobility. They are efficient and compact vehicles that provide instant utility and recreational value.

Electric Scooters keep the atmosphere healthy as they do not spread smoke or odor pollution. In addition, foldable electric scooter for adults are more convenient, consume less space, and can be carried along easily.

This does not mean you can take this vehicle for granted and use it irresponsibly. On the contrary, as the demand for electric scooters has increased, models have been introduced to the market with more powerful motors and more outstanding speed capabilities, enabling riders to reach up to 45 to 50 miles per hour, proving to be the fastest electric scooter for adults in the market. But as the saying goes, "Speed thrills but kills" more outstanding speed capabilities and more powerful motors combined with off-road features have also resulted in an immense increase in the number of scooter accidents.

Common reasons for such accidents and mishaps include instability of vehicles, misjudgment when braking, traveling on unsuitable terrains, and not following general safety precautions and traffic rules. These reckless actions can even lead to a person's death. To protect yourself, other people, and your scooter from such accidents, one needs to adopt a set of safety habits. Have a look at the following suggestions that would ensure your well-being and a better operational life for your electric scooter:

Standard speed limit

Even if Varla Scooters offers some of the fastest electric scooter for adults, a specific controlled speed range should still be followed. Always riding your scooter within a particular speed limit can protect you from various mishaps and harmful accidents. Some countries even impose a speed limit of 15.5 mph for scooters. Exceeding this limit can result in legal actions against the scooter rider.

Maintaining Safe Distance from Others

When riding an off road electric scooter, riders should always maintain a reasonably safe distance from other riders, pedestrians and road vehicles. Also, be mindful and careful of people on sidewalks or using different modes of transportation to avoid any disruption or collision.

Wearing Safety Equipment

While riding an electric scooter, one should wear all the recommended safety equipment to avoid any injuries or unwanted impacts. Such safety equipment includes a helmet, gloves, and protective rubber pads for elbows and knees.

Also, using proper goggles as a preventive measure is wise. The right type of goggles or glasses can protect your eyes from dust, debris and tiny flying insects that may fly right into your eye when you're moving at high speeds. The rider should also own garments with reflective elements and wear these when riding the scooter during nighttime. These protective measures are thoroughly recommended to avoid unwanted incidents on the road when it gets dark.

Individual Riding

An electric scooter is a compact vehicle with two wheels. Its footboard is designed for use by a single rider; therefore, the user should avoid a second passenger in the limited available space.

Avoid the use of mobile phones and devices

While riding or driving any means of transportation, the use of a mobile phone is strictly prohibited everywhere. We cannot stress this point enough. Moreover, using wireless ear pods, headphones, or other such equipment should also be avoided. It can result in a mishap if, at any moment, the scooter rider gets distracted by such devices and does not pay full attention to the surroundings, the road, or moving traffic.

Compliance with Local Traffic Rules

One must always observe the basic traffic rules of the city or state where they live. These can include following traffic signals, traffic signs and directions. If you own an off road electric scooter, you may be restricted by the travel zones as per local laws in some countries and would be bound to travel in the Bike lanes only. You might not be allowed to move through the sidewalks or other confined areas.

Get well informed about the local traffic laws and follow them to minimize risks to yourself and others.

Be considerate of Pedestrians

As a responsible electric scooter rider, you should always be mindful of giving way to pedestrians. Avoid getting too close to or crossing the paths of parents with kids, baby strollers, and old-age people who may be moving along slowly. Instead, remain on the left side of the road or as per your local laws and constantly keep an eye out for all pedestrians.

Slow down whenever you Turn

An electric scooter user should always slow down if you have to turn your head to look behind you. Also, follow this practice when turning, particularly when traveling downhill. It can protect you from injuries due to unnecessary speeding at the wrong moment.

Avoid riding in harsh weather

During harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains, thunderstorms and extremely high temperatures, roads can either become slippery, less visible or too reflective. Such situations can also result in low visibility and insufficient traction for your scooter's tires and ultimately result in an accident as a scooter rider avoid going out in such weather conditions altogether or wait for the conditions to return to normal.

Always grip the handlebars

In the case of foldable electric scooter for adult models, riders must always grip the handlebars with both hands when riding. Gripping handlebars provide stability and control and protect from misjudging and losing control during an unexpected moment while riding.

Proper parking

Scooter riders should also know the rules to properly park or store their scooters in public and exclusive areas. For example, the electric scooter should be parked in an upright position in the designated spot. Improper parking or storage can damage your scooter, and you may end up spending a lot on repairs.

Slowing the speed while turning

An electric scooter should slow down its speed while looking back or turning, especially going downhill. It protects them from injuries coming from over speed.

Have a keen eye on Obstructions

An electric scooter is more diminutive and operates on only two wheels, so the Potholes, curbs, ledges, and any other surface that could cause you to lose control of the scooter and perhaps cause damage should be avoided.

Proper Illumination for your E-scooter

When riding at night, some electric scooters may not be clearly visible to other drivers or riders if they do not have bright lights fitted on the scooter's body. Though all scooter models generally come equipped with a headlight and taillight, they often may not offer sufficient illumination. So, for this purpose, it is recommended that you upgrade your scooter's lights. Ultra-bright rechargeable LED lights are an excellent option for such purposes and are readily available as an after-market upgrade at all scooter stores. Not only do they keep you safe at night they also make your scooter look sleek and cool.

Do not ride while intoxicated or impaired

An electric scooter should never be used or taken out on the road if the rider is drunk or influenced by drugs. Most of all, the rider should not be emotionally disturbed because this can lead to an absence of mind or other thought disorders. Riding in such conditions can prove fatal.


In the end, we would iterate the point that building up responsible riding habits will always pay off by protecting you from harm or injuries and extending the operational life of your electric scooter. You will also enjoy your scooter trips more when you have peace of mind that you have taken care of all precautions and all the necessary things are in order related to your electric scooter.

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