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What Do You Want to Be?

by x Raiinns 3 years ago in humanity

Small Story of Dreams

You know when they ask you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I always thought a singer. I used to sing at my church songs from The Veggie Tales, with my cousin and my sister A. Then I went solo and started singing songs that I liked, I would practice them over and over, Thinking I had a voice. Everyone told me I did, and maybe they're right, but I personally think I don't.

After a while, I gave up on the singing career, because I've recorded myself singing before and I sounded like I had a flute stuck in my throat. I still sing though, but that "dream" is over.

Back in high school, while everyone was planning their career paths, I did nothing. I didn't want to go to college, simply because I didn't want to be in debt. Another reason would be because I lacked the passion it takes to study one thing. I love doing so many things, like cooking, art, photography, film making, writing, sports, music and more. The thing was, if I had went to college to study any one of those, I know I will lose the passion I have for it now. Cooking everyday for class, would make me not want to cook at home for fun. Same with everything else, so i had to try and find something I wanted to do for the long run. The only thing from that list that I can do forever without becoming bored of it, was Film making.

But alas, I don't know where to start. I researched some schools, but the "in debt" thing always popped in my head. So here I am, stuck at some pointless class looking for a job.

Do you ever get those moments in your mind, when you're listening to a certain type of song and looking out the window of the car and you feel like you're in a movie? I get them a lot. There's also moments when hearing a certain song, and this whole video idea pops into my head, Choreography, fighting, pain, loss, some happiness. Makes me want to try and bring them to life, but again, don't know where to start. I think that's my main problem, that and also trying to find suitable people for the certain acting positions I imagined.

There are many ways to get to where you want to be. I truly believe that, you don't have to go to school to become something. I mean yeah, most places look for that but there are many successful people out there, who did what they wanted without school. I'm not saying school is pointless but it really isn't for everyone.

I just got a call from a job I was looking at a few days ago. It's to work from home, which honestly would be amazing, because my daughter is a miracle to me...If you read the story before this, you'd know that I never thought I would make it past 20, to being married, having kids, and having my own home. Those were my top goals, and somehow, I managed to get them. That being said, I'm still alive, and I have a daughter that I truly believe I don't deserve. She's amazing, fast learner and I think she's growing up a little too fast.

The first week we brought her home from the hospital, I didn't think she was supposed to move already, but she managed to push herself off the bed. She was perfectly fine though so don't worry, I was just shocked because after reading everything I read, I thought she would be moving like that after like a month or two, not in a few days after she was born. She walks now, still learning and for some reason she thinks she can run. She tries to and she's pretty fast so far, she even tries to jump which is surprising to me because she barely started walking a week before she turned 1 and tried to run and jump soon after.

But yeah, working from home would be amazing, I'd be able to watch her grow, be able to do housewife work, (Yes I want to be a housewife with a part time job on the side). It's honestly my dream, my real dream, that always seemed like a fantasy to me throughout my whole life until March of 2017 came. Then it slowly became real and I cannot be more grateful for it than I already am.

Hope you guys enjoyed this small story, Maybe my next story I'll tell of how I fell in love. Kind of sappy, I know but not all of it was. Have a great day guys! Talk to you later.



x Raiinns

New at this writing in public thing, i hope you guys enjoy ^~^ ! Email me if your interested in hearing about something, i'd be happy to tell ~x♡

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x Raiinns
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