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What are the key factors driving the demand for co-living spaces in Chinese cities?

Live and work at your own pace

By Sewmini James Published about a month ago 3 min read
What are the key factors driving the demand for co-living spaces in Chinese cities?
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Coliving has become a major trend among the youth, especially among freelancers and entrepreneurs in Chinese cities. This modern age concept allows people to network, exchange ideas, and save resources to implement towards their future, and not just to manage expenses in a society of increasing living costs. 

The rising cost of living 

For many young people, the rising rent costs, student loans plus living expenses are a huge barrier to starting living independently. This is even more of a problem for freelancers, as their income is not fixed and changes each month. Due to this budgeting can be difficult. However, thanks to coliving this issue seems to have a more manageable direction. Coliving has provided a novel opportunity for budding professionals to start living independently and help them overcome high living expenses simultaneously. Living prices at coliving spaces are drastically more affordable than paying monthly rent. Furthermore, they offer plus points such as free Wi-Fi services, housekeeping, trendy furniture, workspaces, domestic supplies, etc. Thus coliving helps to reduce their costs by half and perhaps even opens doors to new opportunities and helps people towards investing and saving. 

Live with like-minded people

Apart from monetary savings and travel opportunities, coliving provides the opportunity to live among like-minded people. For many, this can inspire, motivate and give a sense of belonging. To be part of a living community bent on development and creation can seem like a wonderful environment to progress in one's aspirations. The contracts are flexible in most operations, thus giving many young professionals the freedom to live at their own pace. Living and building a fruitful workplace ethic with others can assist in many ways. It may help to strengthen contacts and build new ones. A Forbes survey of the current coliving pattern reveals that the opportunity to live beside people who have comparable mindsets and skills is the most beneficial aspect of coliving.

Access to working areas

In some coliving places, you can find access to working areas, this is directed at enhancing work productivity from where you live. This is one of the key reasons why some people prefer working at coworking spaces or coffee shops rather than working alone from home all the time. This is usually to be around other people while they work. Even the most dedicated introverted worker might agree that doing this at least occasionally can improve one's productivity. Thus working areas provide options and flexibility to the working situation which is an attractive choice made available by coliving spaces. Such an option reduces the necessity to look for external workplaces, especially for people who work on their own. People have the option of working alone in their room and when a need for change arises they can go downstairs and work with a group.

Popularity among freelancers 

Coliving has started to spread across certain parts of the world not just in China. In the US several major cities have started to sprout up coliving spaces. The same practice is following suit in other parts of the world, Asia in particular. Beautiful and tourist-friendly destinations have started to offer co-living spaces in other parts of Asia as well, for example in Xian coliving has become a thriving concept. So, freelancers don't have to just sit in one place, they can travel the world, work and make new friends and hopefully save some money as well. The digital nomad lifestyle seems to be the dream of many Millenials. Thus, the ever-growing coliving options make it possible for more people to live it. The method is especially helpful for people in the creative field, where there will be plenty of opportunities for young professionals to meet new people, and work in different places and experiences to explore. Check out places like lyf Dayanta Xian for more inspiration to live and work in China. 


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