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What Are The Integral Components Of A Hydraulic System?

By Neilson Hydraulics & Engineering LtdPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

Hydraulic systems are vastly used in the aerospace, car and construction industries, amongst several others. This system is used to provide a high amount of pressure while using a small amount of hydraulic fluid. It is used to lift heavy loads, create movement and replicate actions. The systems predominantly function by a force that's applied at a particular point and then transmitted to another point with an incompressible fluid throughout the process. Here are some essential components such as Bosch Rexroth valves and pumps that you’ll require to put a hydraulic system into place.

A Hydraulic Pump

In order to set up a hydraulic system, a hydraulic pump plays a pivotal role. These pumps are used to push the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir throughout the circuit. It creates a vacuum at the inlet, which then pushes the fluid to the pump. Bosch Rexroth pumps are available in three distinct designs, each customised to the design of the hydraulic system of the industry. It includes fixed displacement, variable displacement and manual pumps. Fixed displacement pumps have an unchangeable flow rate. Therefore, every stroke that moves within the pump displaces the same amount of fluid within it. These pumps are thus recommended for processes where a single action is repeated for long durations. You can use these pumps in gerotors and gears or screw pumps. Variable pumps, on the other hand, change the flow of the fluid and the outlet pressure thereafter. The designs are thus included in piston and vane pumps involving a comparatively complex process. Manual pumps require physical power to wield pump.

A Variety of Valve

Along with hydraulic pumps, the system will also require valves to regulate the pressure of the fluid. Valves help to control the direction, flow rate and pressure of the fluid. Bosch Rexroth valves are modelled according to the hydraulic system designed for the industry. It primarily designs pressure, direction and flow control valves depending on the industry demands. The former valve is designed to control the pressure within the system, which protects it against any form of damage. Flow control valves, on the other hand, influence the flow rate of the fluid within the system. The diameter of the opening is increased or decreased to allow a systematic flow. The direction valve is another highly demanded valve variety for this system. This valve helps to change the direction, start and stop the fluid in the system.

A Filter and Tank

Apart from the pumps and valves, there are certain indispensable equipment used in a hydraulic system. A reservoir tank is put in place to hold the fluid or the oil, as is commonly used, to protect it from contamination. Pipes are put in place to allow systematic transmission of this fluid through the system without spillage. Similarly, filters are included not only to prevent contamination but to ensure the efficiency of the system. Thus, when the tanks, pipes and filters are combined with Bosch Rexroth pumps and valves, your hydraulic system is sure to last for a considerable duration of time.


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