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By Cyrus EmersonPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 4 min read
West Coast Milblogger 05-12-2024

Hello West Coast Milblogger fans, exciting times at parent company From A to Z, as they announce a campaign to win a screenplay contest. Starting soon, they’re going to be sharing funny memes to ask people to Subscribe, Like, and Share, Share [sic]. So, stay tuned for that.

Now to this week’s writing, where we want to know three things. First, more on Moscow to Beijing. Then, what’s going on West. Followed by groundbreaking research from our scientists at CERN.

China and Russia.

Explain the meeting between Putin 2.0 and President Xi in China right now, and the implications on global optics.

Putin 2.0’s in China saying, the recent invasion of Ukraine is only meant to create a buffer zone not to take Kharkiv.

China can control global trade now as the center point between Russian and Western economies after Xi's meetings in Europe last week; American leaders understand wealth as power in respect to governmental control no matter where it's centralized.

Shoigu sat next to Putin 2.0 in China. This makes us lean toward Shoigu pulling the strings of Putin 2.0 especially after his warm relations with North Korean leadership. Shoigu’s new role, seemingly to be closer to Putin 2.0 at all times.

Yet it could be pressure on Putin 2.0 from Xi, to not kill Shoigu as well, because of it being a powerful sign on the future of their relationship. That’s why the snub of Shoigu’s documents at a government building. If Shoigu dies, China and Russia’s partnership could turn as sour as the secrecy surrounding the causes.

While we can only speculate, the spectacle of Putin going to China to see Xi after his return from Europe can be seen as the moment the Axis of Evil got stronger than the West.

The West blames itself for this downfall, calling out a lack of foresight to secure rare mineral rights. It relied too much on branding and infrastructure manned by its supporters. Yet multinational corporations eroded regional cultures into an American identity unsustainable with environmental regulation. Surprisingly, Russia and China don’t need environmental regulations.

NATO and America.

Tell West Coast Milblogger fans about a NATO representative’s recent remarks on the war with Russia and China, and America’s role in strategic defense.

Admiral Rob Bauer sat in a sparsely populated room to discuss the future of Western Civilization. As people walked in and out during the event at the recent conference, he made it clear China has positioned itself as the owners of raw materials needed for advanced technology.

To this end, China has weakened international security for Western companies who have become nothing but day traders in the development of future needs for advances in technology.

Buy low, sell high, creates imbalance when faced with a culture bent on mastering from creation to finished product. China’s new EVs are a step above, at a fraction of the cost, while Russia has proven you don’t need “Starbucks” when you have “Stars Coffee.”

However, on the battlefield in Ukraine, advances in Ocheretyne have been blunted. As mentioned earlier, Russians don’t want to take Kharkiv and they cannot with their troop numbers at this time.

Another developing surprise from our friend Denys Davydov is the use of glide bombs. The Russians were using them effectively. Now, Ukraine’s hitting infantry units with these types of munitions. This also means an increase in Ukrainian air sorties, hinting at the use of F-16s.

Not to mention, Putin 2.0 and Iran’s President, both almost died this week in helicopter related incidents. Just ask India about Russian made helicopters.

Breakthrough at CERN.

Tell West Coast Milblogger fans about the recent discovery From A to Z scientists made while working in Switzerland.

Recently scientists working with From A to Z have discovered a link between relativity and quantum mechanics. It also ties together the universe with organic growth. Now more tests are being prepared to test theories.

Basically, it all begins with the Big Bang. Our entire Universe and our reality began with the Big Bang. Even though the James Webb Telescope continues to challenge this belief with amazing observations, so far this theory holds true.

Big Bang, a sudden expansion of dense opaque gas, cooling down, clumping together, and ionizing the gas. This thinned space in the universe allowing light to travel. This is the relativity viewpoint of this phenomena, yet it could also be the observation of the quantum-mechanic.

That’s if, one can visualize a cell division as the expansion of a dark gaseous substance. The cell’s division is the Big Bang. The new cell then undergoes an ionization process, in order to fire electrical signals, in the membrane.

This could be the way to discover multiverse as well. As a cell is a universe, and each universe can be seen by other universes on the quantum scale when light is allowed to travel freely. Cells create the organic form acting in a parallel universe at a larger scale. Time moves faster in higher gravity meaning millions of Earth years could pass in an instant at a cell’s pace.

In conclusion.

Western countries continue to struggle with debt. Without it, Russia and China wouldn’t be making progress on their political agenda. West Coast Milblogger stands on reporting Biden and Trump need a war with Russia and China to balance America’s checkbook. That’s unless they allow companies like From A to Z to research potential environmental technological breakthroughs with the hemp plant. Not to mention cell division’s connections to Big Bang Theory. Times running out.

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