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An update on my silly little life in this silly little world

By nastasiya simmsPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Reading- Recently I've been getting out of my comfort zone and reading romance novels and ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS Ms.Tabitha Brown did her thing with "Take a hint, Dani Brown" i listened to it mostly when i would drive to help pass time while i was working. Its specifically turned my delusions up a notch and made me insufferable to the dating world even though i'm not a friends with benefits type of person. Zafir knew he was gonna come out of this with his woman, he just needed the platform.

Eating- Recently discovered panda express for the first time since i was a fetus and i'm not going to lie...they taste better than some of the authentic restaurants I've eaten at. Don't shoot the messenger, just do better <3.

Playing- Since fall is here and the high has been 80's its time for me to redesign my wardrobe. Hot girl summer is over and Freaky girl fall is here. Thrift stores will be raided and clearance sections will be cleared, clutch your purses and watch out. Fall is my favorite season and thankfully i live in an area where you can actually feel and see the seasons. Summer almost took me out and i literally was in hermit mode during the day but fall is here, chilly nights will commence and hot chocolate is back in business.

Obsessing- I recently started a new job doing Uber eats delivery full time and it's been THE BEST thing for my mental health and its honestly so fun. I'm able to do all my hobbies, take care of myself and pay all my bills, never heard of her! It's opened a lot of opportunities and possibilities that my old job or any other minimum wage job could never do. Food delivery will never go out of business and so for now i feel super secure in it. I've just been very high vibration and happy to be honest.

Recommendation- (This literally took me 2 days to think of) Emotional availability is something that is hard to find when it comes to relationships whether platonic or romantic and something im recommending to my 0 followers is to get in touch with your feelings and not be afraid of feeling deep. As someone who is usually full of emotions, lately i found myself doing the opposite and feeling empty and letting my negative thoughts have a seat in my brain. That emotional person inside of you just wants to be understood and cared for and know you deserve that and owe it to yourself <3.

Treating (myself to)- I've always put myself on a timer when it came to reaching my goals. Oh you cant buy a car in 2 months with no income? DEATH TO ALL OF THEM. Like damn girl slow down and shut up! This was my mindset about a year ago, and when I realized i had this toxic and unrealistic viewpoint about myself i decided it was time to actually be realistic about my goals and reach the attainable ones now and leave the bigger ones for when i can actually do them. Fast forward to now and life is a fun journey with interesting stops in the road, i feel very blessed by the universe and finally feel like i can breathe. I'm treating myself to freedom of the unknown and letting life, life. Bad things happen and thats ok. Great things happen and thats ok. Life is gonna life and as long as you stay a good person you will always be blessed and highly favored. Give the assholes a smile and keep living your wonderful life because people are not forever and always disposable <3.

Thank you so much to the empty room for listening to my ted talk and stay super freaky!!! <3 I love you.



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