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We’re All Potential Refugees

by Madoc M about a month ago in humanity
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Today it’s UKRAINE, tomorrow it might be where you are.

We’re All Potential Refugees
Photo by Daniel Stuben. on Unsplash

Humans are inherently destructive. We’re always looking for a way to eliminate each other. Power-hungry leaders amongst us, deranged Imperialists, and expansionists use war to achieve their dark agendas. And since leaders that are unafraid to unleash terror on innocent humans still exist in our today’s polarized modern world, it’s possible that regardless of where you are, you could become a refugee or be counted among the dead as happened in Afghanistan, Libya, and currently, in UKRAINE.


War and pandemic have things in common

When the virus popped up, it spread from you’d ever know where to every part of the world. We locked our offices and remained in our homes. We tried to stockpile food and water the way some Ukrainians did initially before they started fleeing from the incessant shellings.

It’s not a free world anymore. It has never been a free world where you and I are guaranteed constant freedom. Unbeknownst to many of us, our freedom hung in a balance. It’s tied with a tiny string and hooked to a shaky pillar. And we never can tell when it gets taken away from us by the power wielders that deliberately keep our land shaky and our future unpredictable.

What we’ve become over the years is dictating how we live our lives in the present. It’s directing us into different destructive directions. We’ve become very polarized and impatient with one another. It is now difficult to love, tolerate and forgive one another. We’re now distanced from each other even though we have technology that connects us like never before.


Instigating Wars is One of The Ways We Dehumanize One Another.

War doesn’t just happen, people make it happen. People we trust and hope that they’ll make decisions that will favor everyone. While war is your loss, your tears, your blood, and your pain, it’s their gain. They don’t only cause war, they also use several means to prolong it.

Instigating war is one of the ways we abuse power and ride roughshod on innocent people that want to live and thrive in peace. Powerful politicians and their acolytes use war to extort the people. They use it to massage their ego and to flex the transient power they received from the people.

Imagine being a free person today, and suddenly becoming a refugee the next day. Can you foretell what it’d feel like to leave your home hurriedly with no hope of making it alive? Where will you run to? And what will you take with you? Worst still, what if you didn’t make it as a refugee?

And when you become a refugee, the seemingly kind leaders will gather you in different places, document, and give you aid so that some of you will stay alive and maybe find peace again. They will deliver compassionate statements to reassure their love and support.

Ask yourself, where were love and support before the war started? Is it better to show love to war-displaced individuals than to use love, tolerance, trust, and understanding to forestall crises and ensure that people remain in their homes with their families and not displaced as a result of a needless war?

Our tainted minds don’t allow us to show love anymore. Many of us prefer to withhold it so that their hidden agenda would manifest first. And when it does, they’d run forward to present adulterated love and support to the victims of their selfish interest and negligence.

People are dying in Ukraine. Thousands and millions of Ukrainians have left their once serene homes, cities, and towns for other places where they’ve become refugees. Their way of life has been altered by this avoidable war. They won’t get to hang out with their friends again. They’ll hinge their hope for shelter, food, on total strangers.

But what if someone has acted a little bit differently? Would this be happening now? Would Ukraine become what it is now?


Polarized people are mentally incapacitated.

The heap of unhelpful and divisive information we consume has rendered many of us mentally incapacitated. Most of our standpoints are grounded on unverifiable claims and disingenuous assertions from distrustful folks.

They keep having their way because we are too busy to separate the wheat from the heap of chaff we consume daily. We’re too busy to put some effort into unearthing the truth so we can form sound opinions and apply better judgments to the different issues facing us.

Conceivably, we’re going to find ourselves in more crises than we can handle because when we’re polarized, we create gaps for power-hungry tyrants to invent chaos.

This is the bleak appearance of our future in that our poor state of mind has rendered us mentally enervated and incapable of sticking together and saying no to deceptive and greedy powerful individuals that drill money from the people by creating crises that could degenerate into war.

And when we’re in a chaotic situation, they would throw themselves in the front of the crisis ostensibly to provide a panacea to end the crisis.

This isn’t Afghanistan, Iraq, or some African country where chaos and war are common. This is Ukraine. This is Europe. Therefore don’t be too sure of your freedom wherever you are. Today it’s Ukraine, tomorrow it might be where you are.

While you love and cherish peaceful coexistence, some individuals love war and chaos. They benefit from it. They love seeing others suffer while they sit back and plan on the next evil to unleash. This is the game they enjoy playing.

Anarchy is brewing everywhere. Nothing gets resolved anymore. The cost of living has skyrocketed. Peace of mind has likewise become almost unattainable. Today, many Ukrainians have become refugees. They’re leaving in droves for Hungary, Poland, and any country where they can feel safe.

War doesn’t just happen. People cause it to happen. History is replete with leaders that invaded smaller nations. They subjugated them, displaced them, and ruined their lives. It’s the same as what has happened in other countries before and what Ukrainians are currently facing.

The elites benefit from wars. It makes them richer and more powerful. The elites use wars to show how they despise humans. They use war to rob, extort and make deals we’d never hear or read about. They use war to rape peace and leave the victims living in sadness and penury.

Today the Ukrainians are refugees. Yesterday it was Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. Tomorrow it might be you.


No One Knows The Truth Anymore.

With ceaseless lies and propaganda coming from different angles, no one knows what’s the truth anymore. And even if the truth stands naked in the open, it’d still be difficult to single out because most of us are now conditioned to accept anything as truth. Many now form their opinions solely based on unfounded claims of others. They don’t challenge themselves to go look for the truth which some news channels deliberately choose to always overlook.

What we’ve become is working against us yet we make no effort to retrace our steps to reconnect and rebuild what our modern lifestyle has destroyed. The rate of hopelessness is on the increase because everything is rapidly falling apart.

What are we doing to rebuild unity and reinforce love and trust in our communities? What are we doing to stand together when they’re hell-bent to keep us divided? What are we doing to save ourselves from deceptive individuals that have the wherewithal to misdirect us?

Regardless of where you are, always stand on the part of the truth. Truth radiates love, kindness, and compassion. Be content with less. Rebuild lost connections, acknowledge and be part of good things happening around you and spend quality time with your loved ones.

In our polarized modern world what’s happening in Ukraine can happen anywhere.


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