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Want to get some free backlinks to your website ?Here are some ways

All you need to know about how to bring free backlinks to your website

By ghadermPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Everyone wants to get Backlinks to their websites so they can rank first on google and increase their website's authority they buy those backlinks from many sources while others get backlinks for their website for free because they are experts in this matter and their websites are big and powerful

But what if you are just a beginner and you want to get some free backlinks to a new website to help you with some matters like getting indexed in Google faster, can you get these backlinks to your website? Well yup you can and in this article, I will tell you how but before we start let's see what are backlinks in case you don't know

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other websites that refer to or go back to a page on your website so when someone put a link in his article and this link goes to an article or a page on your website, we say you have a backlink

How to get backlinks to your website?

Well there are multiple ways to get backlinks to your website but here I will talk about two methods I used and worked with me and a method I am planning to do it later

before that, you should know that doing these methods doesn't mean that you will get very powerful backlinks and get ranked in Google fast

Like I said before, these methods help you with some matters so you can start your online business and increase your website authority a little

Method one, make something that pushes others to share it

Here there are many things you can make but I will talk about two main things which are articles and tools

For articles:

You may see this thing is hard and impossible but if you follow me to the end you will get the hint to make everything work for you

In articles I mean here case studies articles because the main key to success here is your experience and hard work

If you write an article that contains your experience, your data, your results, your research, your notes, your dashboard screenshots, your links, and the images you design you will see that people will be happy to refer to it

When you write an article like before, people will link to it instead of copying it because it has your results and your proofs with screenshots from your dashboard so people will avoid copying it due to copyright issues, and instead of that they will talk about your method with some affiliate links, for example, and they will link to your article

Here you should know that writing an article without affiliate links will help you more because you will show up as a person who only wants to help others and this will encourage them to link your article

Know the main question you'll ask is how others will know about your article. Well here comes the next step and in this step yo,u have to work about two hours every day to answer questions and help others with your experience

So all you have to do is to go to sites like Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, forums, and any site that talks about your niche then start answering questions and talk about your subject and link back to your website

Here there is an important piece of advice which is to avoid spamming others or putting only links in your answer or post so write a full answer or summarize and at the end of it put a link to your website for more details

Second step: lunch a tool

And of course, if your tool was good they will talk about it and suggest it to other people and their audience and they will talk about it on their website and link back to it but here I advise you to make your tools free so other people will encourage to talk about it and of course, you can subscribe to an ads network like Google Adsense if you want to make money through your tool

Method two, use the h-educate tool:

Now I will talk about a tool I found which is H-super tools, this tool will give you a list of hundreds of websites to get backlinks from it so all you have to do is to visit these websites and paste your website link there

As I mentioned before, this tool won't give you very powerful backlinks or something like that, it's just to help you get some backlinks if you don't have any or if you want to increase your backlinks and of course, they will help you as I said in the introduction


Backlinks are very important to increase your website authority but a lot of people think that they can't get them without paying for them so I shared some methods that worked for me with you like making something that pushes others to share, launching a tool, and using a tool that helps with this matter 

I didn't do this step yet but I am planning to do it later so I decided to put it here which is to lunch a tool on your website you don't have to be a programmer or something like that because you can buy many tools from a site called Codecanyon

When you have your tool, all you have to do is to go to Quora and other sites from the previous paragraph and see people that want help or service that your tool provides then suggest your tool to them and write an explanation about it in your answer to avoid spamming them

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