View from the Dog House (Pt. 3)

by Rosanna Teale 4 months ago in literature

Scamp spills the beans

View from the Dog House (Pt. 3)

She who thinks she should be obeyed at all times is a great fan of audio books and used to work in radio, apparently, so knows a thing or two about recording. When she gives her talks promoting her books and her writing, people say they really enjoy hearing her reading the extracts, so producing audio books was something she was keen to do.

Now, in case you haven't picked up on this, all of this publishing malarky has been done on a shoestring, so hiring a studio was beyond the budget. However, she did invest in a decent microphone, some new software, and a small screen to sit between her and the microphone to minimise popping sounds, and off we went!

I can tell you that recording is a very laborious process when you don't have the luxury of a studio, and our role (my brother Pickle and I), was to lie quietly, listen, and not interrupt. In all modesty, I have to say that I am better at this than my brother; he is off like a shot at the slightest noise. I should also point out that herself swears freely, but says that as a writer with a full appreciation of language, she can swear with impunity. You will see the relevance of this shortly.

So the process is to record a small chunk, then play it back. Sometimes the recording is interrupted by outside noise and has to be redone, but sometimes, thanks to the software, a bit of judicious editing is all that is required. But it is still a laborious and time consuming process and, of course, the tone of her voice has to be consistent throughout.

I hope you are impressed with all this technical knowledge—you were warned that we are no ordinary terriers. That said, it is also true that we have our little foibles, which you will come to learn about as you get to know us better.

It is actually quite soothing listening to her read her stories, so perhaps events I am about to relate can be deemed to be understandable.

There had been several outbursts of the four letter variety, but eventually the recording was complete and put onto a CD with a view to playing it in the kitchen whilst she cooked our dinner. Yes, you did read that correctly—again, something to be enlarged upon another time.

So the CD was duly started and Pickle and I were wondering what would be served up for our delectation and delight when all hell broke loose. Even by her standards, the language was ripe.

The problem was that in the background, my beloved brother was happily snoring away! True, we knew he had dozed off in his basket, but she hadn't realised that his snoring had been picked up by the mic. When she had been playing back the recordings as we went along, she had thought the snoring was from him at the time and had no idea it was actually on the recording! Naturally, Pickle tried to deny it, but the fact is, he snores and I don't. I did one of my best meerkat impersonations, as you can see below, and this was my way of reminding Mum that I don't snore. Also I had been awake the entire time—I am very watchful of her.

JRT meets Meerkat

It took her a long time to calm down, but I thought it was all really funny. I was, however, the only one.

Currently, she has pulled the audio from the website. I think she has decided to wait and do it in a studio, and you can bet your bottom Bonio we won't be allowed in there if that happens. It will do, I am sure, as she has the CDs, the inserts have been printed, she's got the cases, and the boxes to send them out, so maybe it will happen soon. I don't know.

My brother thinks it is mean of me to share this with you, but the fact is, it happened. It is a part of the whole publishing story and therefore, in my view, pertinent and relevant.

And funny!

Next time, we will share other things about our life and our contributions to books by Rosy Teale, details of which can be found at Rosy Teale's website; meanwhile, love, licks, and waggy tails from the Dog House!

Rosanna Teale
Rosanna Teale
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