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Universe = One line of writing

by Alfiya Laxmidhar 9 months ago in business
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Thoughts about the universe

Universe = One line of writing
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Universe is broken up into two parts uni and verse.

Uni means one or singular in Latin.

It could be related to the concept of an individual.

Individual is broken up in 3 parts. In and divid and dual.

In Latin, in meaning not, divid means to divide and dual means two: Cannot be divided in two. Indivisible, which creates one.

Back to universe, verse comes from Latin - versus meaning a turn of the plough, a furrow or a line of writing.

So if we combine the both origins of the syllables :

One line of writing

I obviously chose the best part that applies to me i.e. the line of writing meaning as I believe we can create whatever we wish to... no reason needed! I am sure farmers would choose the turn of the plough meaning, one can only wonder...

This for me is pretty relevant, now that I am a member of Vocal. I just became a member last month and it has been amazing.

My understanding of myself and the things I want to write about, have all been connected in a way that I can only attribute to the Universe.

To my understanding, the universe is a creative process. If we are able to give one line of writing to truth, to understanding, to contemplation, to facts, to experiential knowledge, to feelings, to art, I think this is a universe I want to participate in.

Writing is and should be an act of freedom. You can be who you are at this point in time, you can reminisce about the past and write it down to apply some understanding or contemplation to what happened.

Sharing writing within this creative world probably brings more meaning, especially if people respond to the pieces positively. This is a sure sign that the universe you aspire to create is working in your favor.

One line of writing and then practicing another and another until you have set out what you intended to do is all we can ask for. Writing a piece that you created from the depth of who you are and all the experiences you have accumulated is a reason why Vocal is so appealing to me. It holds so much variety and possibilities that the creation of something unique far surpasses the potential of competition or even making money which does not belong in my universe. Friendly competition is always fun, however.

I love this universe and I am wondering what I want to include in my literary universe which sparks some interest for me.

Lately poetry and a bit of memoir type writing has come up.

In "Never Been Kissed" Drew Barrymore's character does say "Write what you know" which is great advice!

I admire fictional writers and the ones with technology wired brains. I admire those with talents that I could not dream of doing myself.

One line of writing... I feel there is come conscious play here. It is about being in the moment, letting words flow out, being open to new ideas and ways of thinking, becoming an open book where anything is possible is my new way of seeing this new adventure I have landed myself in.

By emre ergen on Unsplash

I think the universe has a way of being gentle, symbolic and giving us answers if we ask questions of it. The answers may not come straight away but I am always left wondering what else do I want to know.

Sometimes I get some information out of the pockets of the air into my mind, I am not sure if this happens to everyone but I am grateful to have the access.

I started to connect with the other world I guess when I decided to let my baggage go and it freed me up a lot in the mind and body. I carry less grievances and way less judgmental towards others and myself which is really the best feeling ever. line of writing... I thank you!


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Alfiya Laxmidhar

Love words and their origin. Like poetry. Rumi is my favorite.

Thank you for stopping by.

Facebook: Alfiya Re Lax

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