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A S13w Of Assorted Ideas

By Z-ManPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

Here are 13 (or did you already guess that?) random concepts that have come to me in my travels. There provide a mere handful of the ideas that have inspired me with their pain and pleasure in those trying moments, and of those that were lost before they could be recorded.

I have elaborated on them here posthumously of their originations and recording, though some of them have begun concise enough to deter any traipsing through memory.

I leave the rest of their substance to your own unique perspectives (unintentional, but at the time of this writing, so much so) on the matter(s).

1. Quotations are marks of focused thinking and understanding. The more you learn and progress, and likewise the more quotations you learn and eventually begin to understand, the more you will randomly pull out said quotes.

Basically, the phrases in themselves become distinct words in your own personal language of communication; they become compartmentalized concepts to fast track (accelerate) inspiration.

2. Those who stay their hands in your moments of innocence are some of those to be trusted.

Take ghosts, for example. If they do exist, they very well could stand near you as you rest, having every advantage to do you harm. Yet, if they are as common place as such, they do not. Their intentions still are not completely predictable, but it goes a fair distance to acknowledge their goodness.)

3. Perhaps meaning can never be solidified and completed, only inflected and emphasized in every action that we take towards it. It is in our feeding of Love that our love for others must finds its way.

Many times I find myself lacking a firm hold on the emotions I feel I need to experience in certain circumstances, especially around others. This is a means to explain the lack of control we may feel in those instances, and how our conscious intentions may win the day after all.

4. Detachment allows love in.

My thought here was--the way I figure it now, in light of the fact that I recorded this note following the previous--that--

No. Perhaps it deals with a similar concept to the next? That detaching ourselves with the surface constraints allows substance to imbue.

...Maybe its a combination of both concepts?

After all, in another light, does one idea not precede, and one succeed, an idea that is first succinct in integrity, then transitory in it?

5. A letter...

Now this idea...or suggestion of the potential for one...was written for some reason I cannot recall. Perhaps listening to "A Letter To Both Sides" by The Fixx? (From Fletch, mind you.)

It was simply a stage for an idea to flourish, and nothing had come of it until this very moment.

So, I shall leave it so forever, and add only this as a resolve:

That, at times, perhaps all that is needed is a means to keep the imagination fed and pushed toward saturation, satiation...

And salvation?

6. Writing characters allows us to love unconditionally, beyond the trappings of the physical-visual medium.

I just hit some button on my keyboard and lost what I wrote here. Basically, it came down to these points:

  • Phrases like "colorful language" should actually call to, ironically, the coloring we each put to the words we read. The power of writing is how our brains are forced to "extract" their essence for ourselves.
  • You may add the concept of "color-blindness" here. For this, I have another coincidentally tangent point to add: that even though we may add our own racial associations to the characters we read, at least until description informs us of otherwise, I suggest that we still are left to love the characters for who they are besides this assumption of visual characterization.

7. Is our purpose in having a human form to learn based on a certain set of frequencies, those only available through perceptions of the human brain?

In my own musings to figure out the elusive "real" meaning to life--and, really, who wants to find that out consciously, anyway--I came to the idea that perhaps each form that beings take on this Earth is to perceive the Universe at the level of different frequencies. Perhaps God or the Universe needs us to keep it alive? Or accountable to itself? Who knows. Just fun ideas to consider.

8. At times, you may begin to wonder: how long does innocence truly have to last in this world, even through the lovingest of visions or the lightest of hearts?

My sister and I dropped off her kids yesterday for daycare, and as I watched one of them at play, I began to cry. Thoughts of innocence, and the pain to come; of the fighting between those young beings who are choked by their assumptions and associations built by others and by themselves; of how they are both lost and not lost simultaneously. I thought of the child being left alone from the others. I saw a little boy playing alone and wondered...and not a new idea at that: that what he was studying...was he studying it out of wonder? Or out of the fighting of loneliness? Tears welled throughout all those moments in my eyes. Willingly beckoned, sure...but not entirely within my desired control.

9. Even the strongest are not without their confidants.

Even the Mighty Olympians had those to tend to their wounds, did they not?

10. Just because you do not know loss does not mean you are blind to it.

Focus does not determine the mind, it only leads it on.

11. When exactly does inquisition shift towards loneliness?

This is in light of the previous perspective notion concerning the little boy and etc. I believe in you--that you know what this topic/header concerns explicitly.

12. Light is needed in the low places, too.

You may see those who you feel do not deserve to suffer so much, even as they cheerfully carry themselves through their lives and through their suffering.

You may see those places that have a widely deplorable perception. Just know that there is a reason for those diamonds in the rough. There is a reason, and a glory.

Not to say that they cannot be helped--cannot by saved--cannot be helped to be saved--but that those beautiful things that remained trapped may just be trapped for a purpose.

Or, perhaps, the header also calls to the need that light is needed in those low places. But that is a common conception, is it not? Maybe not acted open very often, but it is so obvious and known regardless.

13. There are times when the solution lies in the finality of capping off the pass.

This final note was added this morning as I revisited this draft to fill it up and publish it.

In itself, it is a call to the final chapter in any book.

The final page of said chapter.

The final word that graces the page.

The final tweak of context that fluids the story.

Perhaps, then, context is the key?

To what?

I'll let you confirm those concepts for yourself.

\m/, <3 B']


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