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U.S. dad takes 5-year-old quintuplets out, uses leash to stir up controversy, "They're not dogs"

by tige 2 months ago in movie review
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A short video of taking the quintuplets out for a walk, which in turn generated a lot of controversy

Jordan Driskell is a dad living in Kentucky, USA. And compared to many fathers, his job is a little more intense, because he needs to take care of five children at a time, three girls and two boys quintuplets.

Jordan Driskell, 31, shared a short video of him taking his quintuplets for a walk, which in turn generated a lot of controversy, with netizens quickly splitting into two "camps," one expressing strong support for Jordan and the other criticizing him for his poor approach to his children.

This is the video Jordan Driskell shared, he is behind the children tugging the leash, and the five children are also more obedient to walk in front.

According to Jordan Driskell, it's not the first time he's used a leash, and at the same time he's often criticized by others, so this time he posted the video and added the caption "Put yourself in my shoes".

The five blonde children were well behaved and seemed to be less naughty with the leash on them, but of course it may only be temporary.

And many took a disapproving view of Jordan's method of walking the children, "They're not dogs, so why should they be on a leash?" Someone else said with a mocking tone, "Are you going to train them to pull a sled next?" .

But there are still some netizens expressed support for Jordan, they think this is a responsible performance of the father to the children, "better safe than sorry", "you are sensible, the children are safe, the opponents are stupid". In addition there are many parents of the Internet, said they are also using the leash, "some children really need the leash, you dare not guarantee to keep an eye on them all the time, but do not watch them will be a mess".

And according to the results of an informal survey, in nearly 600 parents voted, 81% said they had given their children with a leash.

For the controversy, Jordan also responded, he said the tow rope is not his first choice, but also used to "five-seater stroller", but too bulky, and as the children grow up, they do not want to sit quietly in a small car.

"The kids are curious and they want to go far away to explore. To be able to have peace of mind, my wife and I use a leash" and "it allows us to leave the house together to go outside and do fun things together as a family without the stress."

Jordan and his wife, Brianna, enjoy sharing time with their five children, and they don't feel that too many children are a burden, after all, the five "little blondes" are really cute, but only when they are obedient, of course. And there are times when Jordan and Brianna have "meltdowns".

While most parents admit to using leashes, Dr. Benjamin Hoffman, who chairs the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Injury Prevention Committee, advises against their use because of the risk of falls.

"As a pediatrician, I don't like to see kids tethered like pets," says Benjamin, who is a father of three. "I'm also well aware of how mobile children are, but from a danger perspective, there is a risk of entanglement or suffocation."

However, an MD and parenting blogger called Deborah Gilboa believes that leashes can be used, "It's not treating your child like an animal, it's creative problem solving, otherwise you'd have to stay home with your child", although Deborah also admits that the leash needs to be adjusted before use to Avoid the danger, in addition, she also advised parents, when the child grows to 8 or 9 years old, stop using it.

In this way, the traction rope in the end can not be used, even professionals can not give a definitive conclusion, parents can only follow their own ideas, but no matter what, the safety of the child is always the first.

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