Transformation Is Required to Create a Life and Business You Love

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Overcoming Challenges in Entrepreneurship

Transformation Is Required to Create a Life and Business You Love

I’m sharing highlights from my transformation story, and how I am creating FIT Life Creation and the community. I’m sharing how transformation is required to create a life and business you love, too.

Highlights of My Story and Creations:

Fear to Faith, Self Hate to Love, Corporate to Calling, and Bondage to Freedom. I’ve walked through a transformation in every area of life. This includes the choice to turn pain into purpose along the way.

This includes health, business, and community.

No area of my life has been untouched. My transformation led to the inspiration of aligning, fully, with passion and purpose. As I aligned with passion and purpose, this led to flowing into people and profits.

The choices I make daily are challenged in these areas on my journey to reaching my full God-given potential. I am driven by progress in what I call the "Seven Steps to Success." My spirit sings with growth in expression, time, and location freedom.

I am the creator of FIT Life Creation, a lifestyle brand with health, wealth, and business all in one including tips, tools, and tech. We offer experiences, influencers, and fundraisers. We give back from every experience, to showcase transformation at each level. We offer wellness, media, lifestyle, and travel solutions for brands.

We share stories of lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship on our podcast and blog, to inspire others. Our results range from 4–167 lbs lost per person, over 50 percent wealth impacts to over 1000 percent ROI, and media of over 200MM reach in 2019 and over 2500 percent ROI, in 2018.

Our vision is to help millions create a life and business they love, while giving back billions to help end homelessness, end cancer, military vets, and battered women.

What Have Been the Biggest Success Factors?

One of my sayings is, “I am limitless, I am resilient, and I am priceless. I am leading myself and others to transformation and inspiration." This came to me during a meditation years ago.

It is the desire, drive, and determination that has me, as an entrepreneur, face each and every challenge inside out and outside in, no matter what it takes, no matter how many failures and lessons come at me.

That spirit has transformed me, from Fear to Faith, Self Hate to Love, Corporate to Calling, and Bondage to Freedom. I believe in purpose over pain, or turning pain into purpose. Period. Your faith and your mindset are what carry you through. Firm up the foundation, strengthen the stability, and grow.

If I did it, so can you. You get to #createit—the life and business you love.

It isn’t easy. It is worth it.

Big dreams require big leadership. When I look back at the last five-plus years of the transformation of my own story, of more than 55 lbs of weight loss and keeping it off, building a brand, and creating community, a lot of it now makes sense. I think about how I am creating a life and business I love, and helping others #createit with time, location and financial freedom. I realize everything happened for me.

The trials, the tests, and the triumphs. When we choose to be powerful instead of pitiful, we are relentless. How we choose to respond—victor or victim—will set the sail for success.

That’s why I created FIT Life Creation. I wanted a community in alignment, to create a life and business we love and give back. I had a vision of integrating health, wealth, and business in one. I see the problems of mindsets, health, wealth, and business that we get to transform.

I believe there are millions of us that desire to create what they love. I believe that there are millions that choose to be part of the solutions.

Through my own transformation, I created how, and what, I loved in real life.

Each and every step kept leading me forward. This is the power of transformation and inspiration.

FIT Life Creation

Creation Series: Katrina Julia

What are the biggest challenges you have faced creating a life and business you love?

So many along the way! Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of mind or heart.

Every step of the way, there are challenges and opportunities to grow.

First Big Challenge: Reinvention

The first one was reinventing myself as a person. It was figuring out who I was and wanted to be. The creation of the personal brand started in 2015. It began with my own mindset and physical results. It continued with aligning myself with what I love to do.

This involved transitioning from my prior consulting company to create an all-in-one lifestyle brand in 2015. In 2014, I was running both a consulting company, and showcasing my personal results of weight loss with health habits, #1 Global Nutrition Herbalife supplements, competing and fitness modeling.

On Facebook alone, our business grew 25 times. I was amazed at the powers of personal story sharing, and social media. I knew I wanted to do more with lifestyle, transformation, and media. I immersed myself in social media and influencer marketing.

Disclaimer: an average person who uses Herbalife loses 0.5 to a lb a week with healthy active lifestyle.

Results are not typical, but possible.

Tip: Decide who and want you to want to be, and create it.

Second Big Challenge: Casting Vision

I saw the vision of wanting to create an all-in-one lifestyle brand with health, wealth, and business with tips, tools, and tech integrated. This was step one, and Version 1.0 of the company was born in 2015. We started with the website, and launching an event to give back to end homelessness.

I quickly realized that if we offered more with online programs, experiences, and brand solutions, we could give more. Big challenge number 2 was born in 2015. I focused on strategy, with the foundation of media and content. This transitioned to stability with revenue streams. Finally, a clear road map, with a vision for growth.

Tips: Create a vision for your life and business. Hold onto it. The rest will follow.

Third Big Challenge: Strategy, Structure, Systems

This step led to the next challenge of structure and systems. I knew I wanted a platform that was over 75 percent, online and scalable. As a result, I invested in myself, education, and community.

All along the way, I invested in massive education in entrepreneurship. This included training with Herbalife Nutrition, Brendon Burchard, and Strategic Coach, Chalene Johnson. We also invested in community and influencer marketing for feedback. This started in 2016.

Tips: Think about what skills you lack. Learn and keep learning.

Ideas: Communication, money, mindset, media, to name a few.

If you love this, connect on our podcast.

Fourth Big Challenge: Social Media and Influencer Marketing

2014 and 2016, respectively, were the start of learning social media and influencer marketing extensively. I, and we, set intentions for the type of community and media we want from the beginning. We want a community focused on creating what they love, a business they love, and freedom in all forms.

I saw how most influencer marketing companies were doing short-term collaborations, for example, dating. I saw the results that some were getting with short-term approaches, and immediately, insights came to me.

I knew from my past repeatable results in corporate America, in more than seven industries of more than 1000 percent ROI and over eight figures annually, that the keys are the intention, alignment, and value with long-term relationships. Anywhere I looked, I didn’t see any long-term influencer marketing campaigns with brands.

I didn’t see any brand doing it or any platform doing it. I thought to myself, this is like the bubble. Sooner or later, brands will see that some social media influencers have the reach and don’t get any results, some have engagement and don’t get results, and some are in the sweet spot of reach, engagement, and results.

I knew what we wanted. I set out on a mission to align our community, and get results.

I tested over 50 plus platforms from 2016—currently. We have now connected with over 25,000 influencers, and over 400MM in reach in ❤years. We are now focusing on results, conversions, and sales at every level.

We created our own platform for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship campaigns in 2017, with short to long-term campaigns. We started outlining and tracking metrics from the beginning. We now work with brands with wellness, media, lifestyle, and travel. Our team is scaling. We constantly evolve.

Tips: Trust your gut. See the long-term vision. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Set intentions for the community and results you want. Track your results. Learn and evolve. Don’t Ever Quit

Fifth Big Challenge: Testing, Execution and Scaling

In 2016–2018, we set up an online freebie transformation library, mastermind, and courses. We also launched our hands-on lifestyle workshops, serving brands like WeWork and Airbnb, among others.

In 2016, we launched our national and global retreats. We began with Costa Rica. We have since hosted Cuba, Barcelona, London, Atlanta, and more on the horizon.

We continue to expand, and evolve with communities and brands in every way.

Tips: Implement your ideas. Test. Get feedback. Grow. Recognize you are not for everyone. Everyone is not for you.

Sixth Big Challenge: Stable Cash Flow

Did I mention yet that being a creator and founder is not for the faint of heart or mind? In case you missed that the first time. When we work for someone else or have a side-hustle, it is easy to play the blame game. It is easy to get weak in the mind when we get things handed to us, over and over. It is easy to not think about marketing, media, and pipelines, when someone else is doing it.

When you become an entrepreneur and you are forced to face yourself, you ultimately are left with two choices. Those two choices are getting better, or quit. You get to learn to take 100 percent responsibility for everything in your life—mindset, health, wealth, business, time, travel. ALL OF IT.

There are many reasons why people don’t do it. The bigger your dreams and destiny, the more trials, tests, and tragedies come at you. Period.

It is who you get to become in the journey to withstand the dream and destiny. When the destiny was born, you were a baby too. When the destiny arrives, you are able to withstand anything, because you have become the fire. Each and every year, we took more action.

In 2018, currently, we simplified and amplified business to consumer marketing and launches. In 2019, I started personally waking up at 5 AM or earlier. I chose to show up everywhere and add value, like I want my community to show up for us and themselves. We expanded platforms and traditional media.

We got published on Thrive Global and other publications. I published lifestyle books.

I, and we, consistently started working with brands, and having multiple six figures in pipelines, building towards the visions of impacting millions and giving back. We launched our internship and team program. We chose to showcase what it is like to tell the real-deal of what it takes to build a brand, and create a community.

I am currently part of five plus communities to challenge myself. This includes our Passion City church community, Herbalife Global Nutrition, Get Snatched, Content Communities, Travel Group, Airbnb Atlanta Community, and Boss Babe, to name a few.

Tips: Get clear on goals. Know what you want in every area of life. Write down your goals. Speak them out loud daily. Communicate with your community. Have a WarBoard Visual to see your action. Create with other communities, and collaborate. Align to goals daily.

Seventh Big Challenge: Freedom In All Forms

I believe in freedom in all forms. Freedom of expression, time, and location and financial freedom. This terrifies a lot of people, because it exposes their limitations and limiting beliefs. People react in interesting ways, to say the least.

I made a decision to hold fast to dreams, desires, and freedom, no matter what. I made a decision to love no matter what, even when sometimes it's from a distance and involves lots of prayer. I know I cannot do this walk daily without my creator, son, and spirit.

The dreams years ago I had, I could walk without our creator, or so I thought. The guidance to my true self or true north was always there, even when I did not believe, feel, or see it.

I love to travel. I was in over four countries by the time I was two. I have now traveled to over 25 countries, and host retreats. Travel and freedom set my soul on fire.

You may imagine walking in freedom of all forms is a daily internal challenge, and opportunity for growth as I evolve as well as with people. It’s accepting the journey to transformation and inspiration never ends.

What Do You Think is Most Important: Right Creators, Right Creations, or the Right Community?

I think they are all intertwined and all important. As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned you may create all of them. It’s getting clear on your vision, how you do business, who you serve, and what you offer. Think about the feeling you want every day.

From that space, get clear on who you want to work with, both as creators and as your community or team. Don’t settle.

With the creators and market, see how you may fit into and leverage existing markets and demographics. At the same time, blaze a trial, and create your own. It’s proven time and time again, first to market sets the tone, and others follow. Simply don’t quit if that’s your desire. Don’t let fear stop you. EVER.

With the creations, think of experiences you may offer. People increasingly want experiences and hands-on approaches. They want to connect. They want community. People want something passion-and-purpose-based. We are all either desperate or inspired to feel something again. We want our lives to mean something.

With the community or team, who do you want to surround you? How do you want your community to feel? We are the sum total of the five people we surround ourselves with. I refuse to surround myself with people who refuse to see vision, transformation, and hope at some level. At least try to grow to the next level.

At a team level, this is non-negotiable. As an entrepreneur, I am clear that my spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health impacts everything. As a result, I set up my day with our Creator first thing. I meditate. I reflect, and write down goals. I set myself up for success daily. I wasn’t always here, but I was always moving forward.

With the closest community, it is imperative you choose people that are choosing faith, hope, and love and refuse to play or speak small. If you choose to settle, eventually their vibes will impact you. I’ve been there. I experienced that in countless industries. I’m sure you have to. Choose wisely.

What is One of Your Favorite Adventures?

My whole life is an adventure! I was in over four countries by the time I was two. I was conceived in Bulgaria, born in Poland, and lived in a refugee camp in Italy until the time I was one year old. We immigrated to the US by the time I was two.

Some of my favorite adventures include scuba diving in Egypt and Jamaica, and swimming with dolphins. I love new adventures. I love to expose people to travel, and that’s why we host retreats as well.

Final Words for Those Creating a Life and Business They Love

Fall in love with transformation and inspiration. Fall in love with the journey. Fall in love with the vision. Finally, fall in love with who you get to become, each and every day.

In the darkest of days, this is what will sustain you. It is what will keep you going.

With each and every transformation I experience and our community experiences, I constantly reflect on impact and influence. It is what carries us to the next level. That the vision and mission matters. That stories and lives matter.

To get to your dreams and destiny, you get to climb mountains that you never thought you could move. I promise you that you can, as long as you don’t quit.

As long as you keep getting up and climbing, you will get to the top.

Create a Life and Business You Love, and Creator Series

Transformation is required to create a life and business you love, in each and every area. As the Creator and CEO of FIT Life Creation, I am not immune. I am co-creating and co-writing my story with our Creator each and every moment.

Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to my Chapter 7, or anyone’s Chapter 22 or novel. Choose to humble yourself and be an eternal student. Refine your character to believe in faith for the impossible and ground yourself to be content when results are delayed for your growth.

I’ve found each and every time in my life in walking through over seven industries that when results are delayed, the comeback story is brain-blowing with God. Everyone loves a hero (or heroine story).

What did you get from our First Creator Series article?

What action will you take next?

What will you take action on in the next 90 days?

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