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Top 5 SEO Scams And Cons You Need To Watch Out For

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By Adaan GCC Digital SolutionsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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When search engines first started, they were not as sophisticated as they are today. This allowed room for many to post worthless content just to feature at the top of the SERPs. As search engines evolved, they began to weed out those who implemented such tactics to discourage such toxic practices. These scams have existed for as long as SEO. If you are a website owner, you have probably already encountered some of them. Let’s take a look at some of the top SEO scams you need to look out for before hiring SEO services in Bahrain.

DA-based Link Building/Guest Posting

Such a scam takes place when a seller provides a link or a guest post on their “high DA” website, with claims of better site rankings. What really happens is that they obtain a link from another “high DA” website which would have usually increased your website’s Domain Authority, giving the false appearance of SEO progress. This doesn’t work because Google does not use Moz’s Domain Authority as a ranking factor. While there are a few domain-level ranking signals, authority isn’t one of them.

Link Bait and Switch

The person who requested the link is informed that the existing link to a competitor’s site was purchased and can be switched for a fee. It is designed to lure link builders into purchasing a link by making it appear that a competitor is also buying links. This is a scam because buying links is a dangerous strategy that may result in a Google penalty. It can result in your site being removed from the SERPs, and it can be difficult to get back your hard-earned rankings.

Guest Posts for Your Website

The scammer poses as a writer who will provide you with original content for your website for no cost so they can build their portfolio while they try and get some paid work. There are some legitimate writers out there who do offer the same. However, many so-called writers embed links to another website under such pretenses. This link in the provided blog post would not be related to your business, and it’s actually a part of a bigger private blog network and sold, violating Google’s terms and conditions.

Guaranteed Rankings

A scammer posing as an expert will offer search engine optimisation services in Bahrain with promises to increase your rankings. In the beginning, they might actually do some work by updating tags, building links, and writing some content. However, the reports they provide that show your webpage as the first result in the SERPs will be ranked for low-level keywords with little to no value. Beware- some of these company’s offer a money-back guarantee, but ensure that it is based on your goals, not theirs.

The Google Partner

You may have come across an SEO company in Bahrain trying to prove their legitimacy by showcasing that they are a Google Partner. They might reach out to you and combine an implied endorsement from Google with other cons. But the truth is, Google doesn’t have a partner program for SEO, although there is a certification program for Google Analytics, Google Ads, among others. If such an agency is willing to con people with a fake Google badge, they clearly can’t be trusted.

Remember- there is no strategy for overnight SEO success. Don’t get lured by attractive phrases pitched by untrustworthy agencies such as “affordable SEO packages in Bahrain” if they use any of the above practices. It is a long-term effort that pays off as long as you use white-hat techniques and implement the best practices.

If you use toxic methods and Google issues a penalty, all of your hard work is sure to go down the drain. It’s not worth investing your time and money in such practices. If you want to improve your rankings organically, get in touch with us at Adaan GCC digital Solutions, a trusted SEO agency in Bahrain.


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