Top 10 Jobs for Introverts

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Being an introvert should not be a barrier to excelling at a discipline or a profession. Rather, it should increase your chances of success. Recognize your strength and channel it towards achieving the best out of yourself.

Top 10 Jobs for Introverts

Introverts mainly fall into four different categories. There are thinking, social, inhibited, and anxious introverts. Though not always outgoing, introverts are hardworking and passionate individuals, they commit their hearts to a particular task until it is accomplished. If you’re one of such people who enjoy their quality time alone, rather than spending it in the midst of bustling activities, below are 10 jobs recommended for you.

1. Archivist

The trademark of introverts is that they do not enjoy mingling with people and engaging in conversations that will lead to further conversations. As an archivist, it is your duty to preserve records, appraise records, and catalog them as well as other valuable works. This way, they do not have to worry about interaction with other people as the work attracts a lot of lone time.

2. Freelancer

Introverts thrive as freelancers. This is because being a freelancer involves independent work and flexible ideas. With this kind of work, you can determine what you want your schedule to look like, they have adequate control over their work environment, and can determine when they’ve had enough. The self-employed freelance work tends to offer more sources of happiness to the introvert. It's an amazing opportunity for writers—some top rated resume writing services are always searching for new ones.

3. Counselor

While people might be of the opinion that this kind of work exposes the introvert to people and tends to force interaction, this is not always the case. Counseling often involves a one-on-one approach—a circumstance in which the introvert thrives. Through patience, they listen to the patient over and over again, and suggest a suitable solution to their dilemma.

4. Actuary

The work of an actuary is essentially to access risks for insurance companies and the lots. This is primarily carried out through analyzing data and various statistics, which can take a significant number of working hours. As an actuary, the introvert doesn’t have to be forced into interaction with others as most of their time is spent bonding with the computer screen.

5. Social Media Manager or Marketer

Do not be deceived by the social that precedes the media manager into thinking the job is not meant for an introvert. The social media manager is somewhat referred to as the brand manager of the company, only that it is carried out behind a computer screen. Their functions include creating contents online for the company, responding to questions arising directed at the company on online platforms, and replying comments. This kind of work creates a comfortable work environment for the introvert, as they do not have to deal directly with the client.

6. Social Media Marketer

When marketing is mentioned, what immediately jumps to people’s mind is an individual standing in front of a large audience in an attempt to sway them into buying his point of view. Social media marketing has somehow revolutionized that view, and as a result, introverts are finding it easier to cope. Social media marketing combines a blend of creative words and pictures, as well as business sense and the ability to listen attentively to the needs of the audience. As a plus, introverts can build a career and follow after their passion.

7. Researchers of Any Kind

The introvert thrives in the aspect of one-man work, and can be very instrumental while working as a researcher. Researching involves a lot of big picture and outside-the-box thinking with the ability to recognize trends and patterns. All these suggest that an introvert will do well at the job.

8. Technician

Whether as a medical technician whose duty is to sort out data related to health or as a lab technician whose job is mainly to organize results without necessarily coming in close contact with clients, the introvert can excel well in this field. If perhaps the introvert decides to be a technology person whose job is to solve a problem or build a new thing entirely, it also involves focused and individual work suitable for an introvert.

9. Land Surveyors and Geoscientists

The duty of the land surveyor is to measure out land boundaries and prepare maps and other related documents. As a result, most of their time is spent on the field away from the bustling activities of people. The geoscientists also spend a majority of their time in laboratories or out on fieldwork. Though they work in a team, the larger proportion of their work is solitary, away from others. For an introvert seeking which job to choose, they may choose this field of study.

10. The Legal Profession

Whether as a lawyer or as a court reporter, an introvert can excel in the legal profession. Contrary to the belief that lawyers must be extroverts, research has disclosed that a larger population of attorneys are introverts. The task of a lawyer includes spending most of their time on case research and writing, away from prying eyes of people—a deal in which introverts excel. Introverts make an excellent court reporter whose job is to transcribe the court proceeding word-for-word and they make competent paralegals.

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