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Today's Habits Are Your Tomorrow's Destiny

Change all the habit patterns that make you unhappy/unsuccessful, and your destiny will change.

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
Today's Habits Are Your Tomorrow's Destiny
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  There is a saying.

  That what you are today is the result of your past habits.

  Today's habits will be your tomorrow's destiny.

  Change all the habit patterns that make you unhappy/unsuccessful, and your destiny will change.

  The larger the field of habits, the freer and more vibrant your life will be and the greater your achievements will be.

  Success is sometimes not as difficult as you think. By developing a good habit every day and sticking to it, success may be just around the corner. It's easy to develop a good habit every day, but the hard part is to stick with it. It's a combination of faith and perseverance, so it's not surprising that so few people succeed.

  "For a person to achieve greatness, they must have some small achievement every day." There is more than just a monetary difference between the poor and the rich. Here's a little story: a rich man gave a poor man a cow, and the poor man began to struggle with hope. But the cow had to eat grass and the man had to eat, and life was hard. So the poor man sold the cow, bought some sheep, ate one, and used the rest to give birth to lambs. But the lamb was delayed, and life was hard again. The poor man sold the sheep and bought chickens, trying to make eggs to make money for a living, but the days did not change, and finally, the poor man killed the chickens, and the poor man's ideal completely collapsed, which is the habit of the poor man. And the rich, according to an investment expert, the secret of success for rich is: when there is no money, no matter how difficult it is, do not move to invest and save, the pressure will make you find new ways to make money and help you pay off the bills. This is a good habit. Character determines habits, and habits determine success.

  It has been said that one of the two fairest things God has done for mankind is that everyone has only 24 hours in a day. I remember when I was a child I once read the words "an inch of time and an inch of gold, an inch of gold is hard to buy an inch of time", although we do not know how long the so-called "an inch of time" is since time is compared to gold, its value is expensive is also known. So how to make good use of it? The 24 hours a day, good management of their own time, to seek maximum effectiveness, whether, for the individual or the collective, it is very necessary.

  Franklin time planning company founder of the United States of America, Hai Lan Smith in his masterpiece "open the door to success" in the book put forward ten natural laws:

  1. master the big and small things in life - master life by mastering time.

  2. Establish core values - core values are the basis for self-actualization and personal achievement.

  3. Prioritize - When daily life reflects your core values, you can experience peace from within.

  4. Set clear and achievable goals - To reach important goals, you must stay out of your comfort zone.

  5. Plan your daily work - A well-done daily plan makes for a productive time.

  6. Examine behavior to be consistent with beliefs - behavior is a reflection of true beliefs.

  7. Change behavior to conform to requirements - When beliefs are in line with facts, needs are naturally met.

  8. Reopen the window of belief - change wrong thoughts and overcome negative behaviors.

  9. Base on personal value - Self-esteem must come from the heart.

  10. Achievement of self in giving - The more one gives, the greater the reward.

  Whether a person has a clear goal every day, whether he has a reasonable schedule every day, rather than a messy, chaotic life, undoubtedly has an important impact on how far he is from success. With the development of the times, the more people live in the modern metropolis, the more they are in a hurry, the more intense the days are, everyone's time is like the traffic situation paralyzed on the highway, should do and have to do the chores stuffed full, really want to do things but can not find a slot, "busy, blind, confused" is the true picture of their lives. This is the real picture of their life. Only by maintaining good habits and having a clear concept of time management can they find a comfortable pace in the rush of people.


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