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To the animal rescuers.

by Nicola Jackson about a year ago in heroes and villains

The love you have for animals isn't unnoticed.

Picture taken from official Scottish SPCA site.

I don't believe anyone would have thought, or even guessed that mere months into 2020 the world would suffer such a massive hit and countries would be on lock down. People’s lives turned upside down and losing family members and not even being able to say a proper goodbye to them.

So many stories have come out about the extraordinary things people are doing to survive lock down, to help their neighbours, their family and even people they have never met before. Fundraising efforts for various charities and even making phone calls to care homes to speak with the residents there so they aren't alone. People have proven how kind they are, how helpful they are. The people who are still working through their jobs on the front lines, so to speak, have been powering through and doing what they can. I've seen so many people praising them. The medical staff, the bus drivers, emergency services, the delivery men, the warehouse staff, the shop workers, the farmers, the local councils and care workers. There are so many, and they have all been keeping things moving along and helping wherever they can.

However, I want the animal charities to know that their work has not gone unnoticed. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong place but as my social media is flooded daily with all the good people are doing, I’m sure I would have seen it. These workers have been going out every day and night to rescue injured wildlife, neglected and abused animals. The job has been made so much harder with social distancing and people using that as a reason they can’t inspect the animal in the house which allows them to continue hurting/neglecting the animal. These workers have to be out in all areas where the general public are for hours every day either trekking through woods to find a hurt deer, or avoiding people on the beaches so they can get to the bird that’s been caught in something and can’t fly off. Often having to remind people to back away from the animal so they can do their job.

I’ve seen them sit waiting for so long for that one stray cat to find its way into the cat trap, first one on the scene of a road traffic accident involving any animal. Comforting the people who are in shock if they are there all while helping the animal in any way it needs. Dealing with people demanding to rehome an animal during the pandemic and kindly explaining to them why it’s not safe to do so for them or the animals. I see you all, so many others do too. The long hours, non-existent breaks and hard choices to put an animal to sleep when there is no other option. You are making a difference for so many animals, and people as well.

The animal rescuers, from any charity whether it’s SSPCA, RSPCA, Cat protection, Dogs trust and all the independent ones. They have all been doing an amazing job of caring for the animals, an increase in animal abandonment has happened during this virus and every step of the way the charities have been there. They along with countless other workers who may not be viewed as “key” but keeping things moving. Deserve a lot of respect and praise, they are in just as much danger as the others.

I honestly hope when this is over, weeks, months from now. No one forgets how we got through it, the loses that happened during it. The respect all the workers deserve not just during this virus, but all the time. They deserve far more what they have been getting, they have sacrificed more than most during this time and I hope we never forget that.

To all the animal rescuers, charities, vets and wildlife sanctuaries. To all those heroes and everyone who is getting us through this all. Thank you.

heroes and villains

Nicola Jackson

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Nicola Jackson
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