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Tips on Vocal Media: Can you make money from them? My own experience and review

Tips are great way to recognize writer efforts and compensate them on Vocal Media

By George GkoutzouvalosPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
My first tip on Vocal Media


In this article, I am going to share with readers my own experience and review of Vocal Media, attempting to answer the question whether a writer can actually make money on Vocal Media, and more specifically, if it’s possible for a writer to make money with tips.

I believe that this article will be helpful to online writers looking for ways to make money online, since Vocal Media is a platform that does reward its writers through tips.

Proof of receiving a tip

A picture is worth one thousand words, so I have embedded the image above to show you some stats from my Vocal Wallet.

As you can see, in addition to my “Earnings from reads” on the left, which stand at $2.25 at the time of writing this article, there is a notice further down that says: “You’ve also received $5.00 from 1 tip so far. Nice!”

I can only agree that it is indeed very nice to receive a 5-dollar tip for writing an article.

It shows that my writing efforts were recognized, i.e. someone liked my article and decided to send me a tip.

Fellow writers understand how important, and difficult, it has become to get recognition in an increasingly populated community of online writers, and thus, I can say that it more than made my day.

The encouraging role of tips

Long past are the days when, as soon as you posted an article online, it got immediate attention from readers, which translated into monetary rewards to compensate you for your effort as a writer.

Nowadays, it has become extremely hard to dominate the attention economy, unless you have already managed to establish a strong web presence. Therefore, it is very difficult to start from scratch.

To make things even worse, through the years, Google has made it even harder for individual writers to get their content ranked in search engine results, which means that it has also become harder to receive precious search engine traffic that can be the lifeblood of online writers.

It is obvious that receiving tips serves as strong encouragement for Vocal Media writers/creators to help them keep generating good content.

Tips help you build your confidence as a writer

Everyone needs some form of encouragement, and writers are not an exception.

Actually, writers may need more encouragement than other people, because, in order to be able to produce original and unique content consistently, which can appeal to readers, they should keep themselves highly motivated.

Any monetary rewards that they may receive, such as tips from writing platforms like Vocal Media, play the role of incentives that can help writers to feel that they do something right.

As a result, they get a massive boost in their confidence, which, in turn, helps them to concentrate more on their writing.

Tips and content quality

In my case, I received $5 for my article. Other creators may receive even higher rewards, according to content quality.

Thus, content quality and relevance are factors that I believe can benefit the Vocal Media platform, since they can help it to become a place where readers can find relevant content of high quality.

On the other hand, Vocal Media creators will obviously benefit, because their work will be better paid.

In addition, there will be a side benefit, since creators will challenge themselves to write better content, in order to be eligible to receive a tip, which will enable them to develop and improve their writing skills.

Tips on getting tips on Vocal Media

Although this is purely my personal point of view, I believe that if a writer can address effectively an issue that concerns his or her readers, and provide workable solutions, chances are high that his or her writing efforts will be appreciated accordingly, and the writer will receive a tip.

Writing content that readers believe is worth reading is perhaps the primary factor that can determine whether a writer will receive a tip, or not.

When a writer finds a way to solve a problem that is faced by his or her readers, through his or her content, or persuade readers to spend their free time on it to entertain, educate, and improve themselves, then it is possible for him or her to receive a tip.


As it has been shown in the discussion that took place in this article, it is perfectly possible to make money from tips on Vocal Media.

However, I believe that there is a certain path that writers should follow, which refers to writing content that stands out, entertains and educates readers, and answers their questions, at the same time.

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