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This is how the richest 1% invest their money.

Investing is a way of growing

By Cosmin ChildPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
This is how the richest 1% invest their money.
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Much less difficult than you think it’s going to be.

There are a lot of moving variables when it comes to how the super-rich invest. However, it is much easier to set it off than you may expect. This is helpful if you’re trying to raise money from them to fund your project. Also, whether you’re reading out of curiosity or to get yourself ready for the future, this is beneficial to you. This is how the wealthiest 1% invest their money.

Investing in tried-and-true methods

Because of this, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is a good place to put your money. The majority of their money is invested in well-established funds and fund managers who have a track record of success.

The answer is as basic as it gets. These people aren’t thinking about how to make additional money at this point. They aren’t worried about losing their money.

Their money always goes to what has been proven to work. You will fail in any attempt to persuade them not to pay money to the proven. Also, don’t try to get these people enthused about how much money they will make when presenting them. They’ve gotten over that point. They won’t be interested in it.

They are just concerned about the safety of their money.

They have their investment firms.

Super-rich people don’t invest their cash flow or savings like the average person does, which is an important distinction to make. Set up their investment firms instead.

One way to tell if someone is extremely wealthy is if they have a foundation and investing firm. Instead of “putting their hands in their pockets and handing you a lot of money,” they prefer to invest in other people’s businesses. Instead, you’ll need to offer something of value to their investing firm.

A registered investment entity is used by the world’s wealthiest investors. This is the most important concept to grasp.

They constantly double-check with their banker, attorney, or other trusted advisor before moving further.

If the money hasn’t yet arrived in your bank account, you haven’t received it. They’ll constantly double-check their work with another person before moving forward. And intelligent individuals are constantly trying to win over “someone” before the final act is performed.

Assuming you don’t know the person, you can still impress him or her with your thorough research. The individual who does the final audit is frequently a member of the financial services industry. It’s not like a wife or a concubine in another country. Early on, they may have to verify with others such as a wife or concubine to make sure everything is in order.

Even a private investigator’s report can serve as a final check. Delay is the first clue that you’ve failed the final exam. You failed the last check if you inquired about the cause for the delay and were given an elaborate explanation. You can save yourself some time by just looking at other possibilities. You’d be wasting your time if you sat there trying to fix the problem.

If you fail this final check, your best bet is to look for a new source of funding and begin producing results. They’ll be keener to join you if they perceive that you’re already having success without them.

They believe in the value of personal trust.

You lose if they have cause to doubt you. A few of them need applicants to go through a series of tests to get their money. In addition, those tests may appear to be ridiculous. However, you will not be reimbursed if you fail the tests.

Bar drinking contests are popular among some people. Some give you food and monitor how you consume it, while others do the opposite. Some may even extend an invitation to you so they can observe your skills on a course. These persons are subjected to a variety of tests.

You don’t need to know the specifics of the test or what they’re looking for to take it. Don’t let yourself become too comfortable and do something stupid. It doesn’t matter if they’ve already promised to hand over the cash.

You may flunk an exam because you are simply being yourself. That’s fine, too. It’s better, to be honest with yourself and fail a ridiculous test than to pretend to be someone else only for the sake of money.

Being Isolated bothers them.

This group of people will never be the first to invest in your idea or business unless they are professional investors that specialize in seed-stage investing. In the absence of at least two or three investment firms that give them the impression they are investing in the correct firm, they will not make a purchase.

Because of this, you can claim that they put in a lot of effort to be a part of the group. They don’t like to be left alone. For now, avoid them if they’re going to be solitary. Even if they are great friends who you believe will never say no to you, wait to pitch them until you have some cool names that they will love to be included in the mix.

The goal is not to persuade them to say yes. Eliminating every possible excuse for a “no” is the goal here.


It’s normal for everyone to have their quirks. You should not waste your time and energy attempting to win people over simply for the sake of getting their money (regardless of how much they have).

The only thing you need to know is that there is a person out there who would be thrilled to invest with you. As many as a thousand multi-millionaires exist worldwide. If you’re rejected by one, move on to the next.


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