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Thanks to You our heroes.

By Linnet BrownPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

Heroes are people and dogs who put their lives at risk to save others. Some are nurses who work in the hospitals and long term care homes. Recently their jobs become a challenge as it creates a high level of stress for them due to the Covid19 virus outbreak. This job brings them stress because they are worried about her patients and families. There is a nurse I know whose children have underlying issues, such as diabetes and asthma. She is worried that should she contact the virus s and pass it on to her children they would not be able to overcome it. Yet she never took time off work but is going to work to do her shifts. She is ensuring that all precautions are adhered to, both at home and work.


I see heroes who are fighting for justice and peace in the wake of injustice and racism. These are people who are being aware that they could get the deadly covid19 virus and who are not observing social distancing during nights and days of marching on the streets of America and Canada.


I know of heroes who are giving time and money to help others in need and not thinking of a reward. Old men who are walking mile and miles each day to raise money to help research to find cure of deceases so that people can live longer and enjoy quality of lives. Some of the are facing terminal illness and chronic pains, yet they continue selflessly, only thinking of others.


I read of heroes who fought and are fighting for their countries so that we can walk freely on the streets, fly and sail to other countries. Heroes who fought and made the way to enable people to live in harmony and as one despite the color of their skin, language, sexual orientation, gender and geographical locations. Some of these heroes are alive and some had long past but their work lives after them.


There are many unsung heroes we shall never hear about or know because no one had sung their praises and their actions were not capture on cameras. When I was a kid living in a poor country, food, clothing and education supplies can from another country and enabling me to gin a good education. Without the contributors life would be difficult for me to gain an education.


I know of dogs that risked their lives to save children and their owners and some died in the process. Some dogs dived in deep waters without showing fear and only thinking of the person in danger. Even though some of them endure abuse they never leave the side of their owners comes what may.


There are medical crews, police, firefighters and army personnel who face dangers when carrying out their duties to save lives. They think are selflessly in service.

There are airplane crews, cruise ships workers and sailors in submarines who are working to guard our countries and staying away from their families and friends and even though they are suffering separation as a result, but they never complained.


But whoever you are and wherever you serve, I HAIL you for being a HERO in our lives, countries and states. Keep doing what you have decided to do, for even if you do not hear the praises form the lips of people or see a tribute to you on the media, remember that someone somewhere is giving thanks to you for personal contribution as you make a difference in our lives. I am one of such.



About the Creator

Linnet Brown

. Linnet enjoys working with kids. She has worked with youngsters in different professional roles, which were teacher, day nursery manager, and qualified social worker.

Linnet is retired but working as a volunteer. Linnet is an author.

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