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The Place Where Dreams Begin

The place where dreams begin

By Elora HaysPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

One day in the 1980s, a young man sat in a seat at a Vermont ice rink. He sat quietly, watching the skaters flash before his eyes. The warm sunlight above the rink allowed him to enjoy the good times. Since he sold his family's cigarette paper factory, he has made a handsome sum of money, and he is thinking of how to borrow the money to make another windfall.

There is a coffee shop next to the rink. Every time he goes to the rink, he has a drink in the coffee shop. The coffee was so to his taste that he bought the shop and sold it himself.

A year later, he set up a coffee roaster company, but for a man whose only advantage was cigarette paper, making a difference in the unfamiliar field of coffee required effort and opportunity. As a result, the company did not make money at the beginning but lost millions of dollars in the first three years. Losing money is the last thing a businessman wants to do. To this end, he pays close attention to customers' opinions. He often invites customers to taste coffee for free, offers their opinions and suggestions, and immediately starts to improve. However, his company's business still fails to improve.

By chance, he overheard a conversation between two employees of a nearby company who came to his shop to drink coffee. The employees complained that the company's instant coffee was very difficult to drink. The boss was not willing to let the employees come out to drink coffee. The speaker has no intention, the listener has a heart. Why not sell your delicious coffee to the office? "He asked himself. So he started to shift focus from the coffee shop to the office, he immediately find the stationery supplier staples, persuaded the staples discount agreement with him, get his coffee into the north American 600 staples office supplies supermarkets, and entered the supermarket mail-order catalogs, through the channels, he has prepared more than 450000 kg of coffee.

Because of his business acumen, he was the first to invest in Kriging, a maker of single-serve coffee machines and K-cups, considering that the personal coffee machine market was still untapped.

Not satisfied, he began to think about making his coffee not only available in the office, but also ready-made. He decided to cooperate with the American company Polish Spring to launch a coffee machine, as long as adding coffee, after a period of heating, can drink steaming hot coffee. As it turns out, he was right, as most companies were willing to install the machines so that employees could avoid sneaking out for coffee during work hours, citing "bad coffee." With the coffee machine, his coffee market began to expand even more wildly. His eyes began to wander into the gas stations and STOP/SHOP convenience stores that Starbucks had neglected, and he wanted to make his coffee freely available to those who liked it, anywhere, anytime.

As it moved into the wholesale channel, the price of coffee began to drop dramatically. Taking the civilian route of gas stations and convenience stores increases the influence of coffee brands.

His company has since reached $10 million in annual sales, opened nine stores, and was listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

1 position in the field of coffee, Starbucks has been no one can shake, but since he had, by K cup and personal coffee machine bundled sales model, sales have been far more than Starbucks, as the world's second fastest growth rate of the enterprise, his company's stock price after nine times in four years, Starbucks can only into second place. The coffee company is called Green Mountain Coffee, and the young man who drinks coffee instead of skating on the rink is Bob Stiller, the founder of Green Mountain Coffee.


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