The Life of an Office Administrator

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Day One

The Life of an Office Administrator

So I suppose today isn't the best day to start this, as technically I'm on annual leave. Also I haven't slept yet (which is becoming a theme of my life) so really its still yesterday - does that make sense?

I'm not sure if here is the right place for me to write this but I don't know where else to go. I want to express my views on how my life is going however I don't want anyone in my life to know how my head works - I am currently considering changing my name and photo on this (Vocal) to hide who I am. You know on the off chance that someone I know might be on here as well.

Can I also mention I know I have named this post "the life of an office administrator" but its fair to say I am probably going to off load the rest of my troubles on you also.

Another thing I might add is, no one I write about will have their real names and I might also be guilty of expressing how I want things to pan out over the direction my life is actually going in.

Anyway - now that my (sort of) introduction is out of the way - I'm going to make a start on introducing you to the mind numbingly boring life of an office administrator.

So here goes - I always do that ... I write an introduction sort of thing then say things along the lines of " here it goes" and then I get writers block so I close the laptop/put down the pen and it goes no where.

So I am going to start again today - today, I am on annual leave- and so far it has been ok. Alright I woke up and I looked like I had been punched in the eye, but billy went to school ok so that was good. I took the dog when I dropped her off so we could go straight to the lake to take him for a long awaited walk around it. it's so beautiful over there, you wouldn't think it was on an industrial estate.

On my way Heidi called to ask me if I was going to our dads tonight and if I was could I get his prescription. The answer was yes on both counts. While I was on the phone I realised I hadn't picked up any doggy bags, so I had to go to the depot to get some from her. I know what you're thinking (actually you're probably not because you don't know how my brain works yet.) No I didn't just want to go to the depot at the chance of seeing him. I'm actually very glad I didn't see him because I looked like someone had thrown acid in my eye! Any way yes went to the depot got the doggy bags went for the walk - went back to the depot. Jensen was outside smoking. I like Jensen - he is such a lovely guy. Heidi used to tell him she thinks me and him would get along great before I started there. She was right. We even had some flanter back and forth (flirty banter) - then he started slagging his then fiancé (now wife) off to me and I knew the chats had to stop.

One thing you will find with me is that I am a very open person - except when it comes to "him". I don't know what to name him yet so that's what he will be known as for now. He's not in my best books anyway he will never know this but he hurt me today. HA! He doesn't even know I exist as anything other than that girl in the office - he used to but not any more. Any way if I don't get it out there I'm going to erupt so here it is. If someone sends a picture of a street that has an inappropriate name directly to you and you reply with a joke saying that street is in your city's town centre (because its full of "tarts") on a Saturday night and he replies with "that's your street isn't it?" with nothing else on it. no emoji (yes I agree they're used too much today to express emotion as well but on snapchat they're needed!) no "x" on the end, not even a lol ... should I take that as he thinks I'm the insulting thing that the street name states? ... or am I doing my typical thing of completely over thinking things? Either way it hurt. And it shouldn't. We used to have a lot of conversations and chats but lately he has sort of stopped that. Which technically is a good thing. But I just would like to know why. Does he know how I feel and is repulsed by it? that's what I think it is.

Any way I drew bugs bunny today - I'm going to go draw some more now. I might be back later on today ... I might not. I'm fed up of thinking.

Secret Serenity
Secret Serenity
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