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The Just Place of Fate

When I was in the fifth grade, I learned to cook and liked to grab the rice and make it in front of my mom after I finished my homework. Even though my mom wouldn't let me, I insisted and argued irrationally,

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 7 min read
The Just Place of Fate
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 Fate always jokes with me, but I eventually discovered that it is just.

  When I was in the fifth grade, I learned to cook and liked to grab the rice and make it in front of my mom after I finished my homework. Even though my mom wouldn't let me, I insisted and argued irrationally, "My teacher said that those who can cook are good kids! And smelling rice makes you smarter!" My mom laughed helplessly every time, and I was very proud of myself.

  I hadn't enjoyed cooking enough, but then something happened that traumatized me. When the farming season was busy, my parents went out to work very early and only my brother and I were home. One morning, I came to the kitchen ready to cook and saw a very large pot of water on the coal stove, I thought to get it down smoothly, I did not expect it to be too heavy, I did not hold on to one hand, the whole pot of water like a waterfall washing my legs, I was stunned, it took a while to react, and then tore up screaming, neighbors heard the scream rushed over, looking at my red legs, rushed to find me The doctor next door immediately put ice on me and prepared anti-inflammatory shots. I was scared for the first time that I wouldn't be able to jump with my friends anymore, which was my favorite activity.

  My mom rushed home, looked at my leg with pain, and sighed softly, "I told you not to do it, stay home, but you wouldn't let me!" I lowered my head and dared not speak, the first time I saw my mother so anxious. Fortunately, the water was not yet boiling, and my burns were not very serious, and the doctor said that I would be fine after a week. I was at home with a slingshot, and at first, I felt a burning pain in my legs, but slowly the pain became so intense that tears flowed uncontrollably. To distract me, my mother took out my Olympiad book and said to me, "Read the book, it doesn't hurt so much when you look at it!" Since I didn't get a prize in the last competition, I tossed it aside and ignored it. Since mom said so, I dutifully took the book and looked at it quietly.

  The O.M.A. problems were very flexible and took many turns, so I had to think about those problems very intently. My attention slowly shifted to the book and I felt less painful, so much so that I didn't even pay much attention when my mom applied high camellia oil and used salve to help me get rid of the itch later. After a week of suffering, I regained my confidence in math. When I returned to school, I felt warmed by the concern of my teachers and classmates. Despite missing many classes, my math scores went up instead of down, and I got perfect scores on several tests after that and kept my edge in math. Looking at the check marks on the test paper, I cried with joy and gently touched the scar on my leg, which I was silently grateful for igniting my fighting spirit.

  In the first year of junior high school, my parents went to the kiln factory shipments, on the way back a motorcycle lost control and hit my dad's car, the driver was seriously injured, although it was not my dad's fault, because it was a country road, the line planning was not standard, and there was no monitor, my dad had to take responsibility. At that time I was at home anxiously waiting for my parents to return, but received an urgent phone call, my mother asked me to call a neighbor to listen to the phone, I overheard their conversation, scared silly, traffic accident means to pay many, many money, Mom and Dad should do, the more I think about the more scared. Mom and dad came back late at night with tired bodies, and I saw their red eyes through the gap in the curtains, worried.

  In those days, Mom and Dad had to run around, see the injured, go to the traffic police station, borrow money from relatives, and have no one to take care of the family business. Mom told me to come back from school to do homework in the store to watch the goods, encounter unfamiliar customers not give him credit, not know the price do not sell. To sell a little more things, I took a small book, the price of goods to write down, take it out of class to see, open the store before the door quickly look again, before going to bed to remember again, a few days down to remember. But remembering the price is easy to remember the customer is difficult, those uncles and aunts look similar, just remember the face is not easy to remember. I tried to recognize them by their hairstyle, clothes, the style of the motorcycle they drove, and the sound of their voices. Soon I could recognize them on the road and greet them politely, and they praised me for my understanding and for coming to my store to buy things.

  After a while, my memory became better and better, my recognition ability became stronger, and I was more relaxed and calm in front of adults. After my parents finished dealing with the incident, they asked me to go to my uncle's house to play. There is a large factory near my uncle's house, mainly in the garment business, I have nothing to do there, I once saw a notice posted there for an assistant, I confidently went to the manager's office for an interview, she smiled and touched my head, said: "You are too young to do this job!" I said loudly, "I can do it! You give me two days to try, and then kick me out if I can't!" The manager couldn't resist me and reluctantly agreed. The next day, I followed the manager to the factory meeting, quickly wrote down the important contents, and went through the customer's information carefully, completing the task assigned to me very well. Hearing the manager praise me, I was overwhelmed with emotion when I remembered the flying accident. It brought a lot of harm to my family but allowed me to exercise, without it, perhaps I would still be an ignorant child.

  When the college entrance examination, was full of high hopes, I lost the standard and fell to the bottom. I was disheartened and heard that all my classmates around me had done quite well. I sadly ripped out the phone line and cried in my room for more than two hours, heartache and helplessness overwhelming me. My mom and dad rescued me from my despair with their warm hands, encouraging me and supporting me.

  I dried my tears with fear and trepidation, spitting out all my grief on the grid, pouring out my desolation in black ink, expressing my feelings in unrestrained fonts, and then using the keyboard to frame the document and stuff it into the submission mailbox. I didn't expect that my article would be published in the newspaper two days later, and my interpretation of the college entrance exams and my analysis of the candidates' hearts were recognized by the editor, who also sent me an email to cheer me on. At that time, I was like seeing a ray of light in an unfathomable well, trembling and climbing up along the good wall step by step.

  My essay writing skills improved greatly through the practice of life lessons and language expressions. I was encouraged by the fact that my passion for mathematics was not intended for writing, and I was encouraged by the fact that my articles were published in the newspaper several times in a row. A month later, I received my fee slip, and I excitedly took several copies of it, stuck it in my notebook, and let it ferment and spread. Indeed, my failure in the college entrance exams made me miss many opportunities but made me discover another bright spot for myself.

  Despite my constant setbacks in life, I am convinced that fate is just, and its justice lies in the fact that while it strikes a person mercilessly, it also quietly makes him whole on the other side.


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