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The Grade Of Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

Quality grades of teak wood furniture from Indonesia

By Sewu BoloPublished 2 years ago 13 min read
Teak wood furniture from Indonesia: same teak wood furniture but different material quality

What Are Indonesian Teak Grades?

Teak is a durable wood that has a tight grain, natural oil content, and beautiful texture. The grade of timber you buy will determine the price of your merchandise. Each type of timber possesses different qualities.

Grade A: Teak Wood Furniture Component

Therefore, it makes sense to purchase high-quality teak furniture that suit your needs. Here are the four main types of Indonesian teak grades used by furniture makers:

Grade 1 - Grade A - 100% Natural

With the highest grade, you get the most natural, real-looking tree. The outer bark layer is removed during processing and replaced with plastic film. There are no markings on the outside of the product.

This type of timber is very popular among traditionalists. It provides the ideal appearance for your living room with no imperfections.

Grade 2 - Grade B - 80% Natural + 20% Synthetic Resins

This type of timber is known as “teak log”. Besides being chemically treated, it is also sanded and painted in order to mimic the look of Grade I products, but its grain is slightly more refined. Because there are resin components mixed into the material, it withstands scratches and dents much easier

On top of this, it looks more attractive since there are no stains or marks. Still, this does not mean synthetic resins are unsafe when handled properly. But if you plan to move your furnishings often, then you can opt for Grade A timber. Although you will still find a wide range of styles available, so you might even enjoy trying Grade B.

Teak Wood Furniture: Bathroom Stool Teak Grade B with treatment

Grade 3 - Grade C - 60% Natural + 40% Synthetic Resins Wax

This type of timber contains up to sixty percent of real wood. With a larger percentage of natural components, it feels warmer and appears to be softer than other types of timber.

Since the wood content isn’t too heavy, the type of this luxurious furniture is perfect for modern homes. If you place accent tables near windows, this is the grade you should go for. It’s also quite easy to clean since there aren’t any dust particles in the air.

2 Tables With 2 Grades : A and C

This type of wood is very susceptible to mold growth. Also, although it has beautiful color, a constant source of moisture will cause discoloration.

Grade 4 - Grade D - 50% Natural + 50% Synthetic Resins (Low density)

Grading systems do not work well for low-density woods like bamboo or rattan. These products have a lower weight because of the absence of fibers. They’re therefore prone to warping and splitting easily.

And while this type of timber is the easiest to care for because it has little water absorption properties, it’s not suitable for outdoor products. It is usually covered with clear coats; which causes the appearance to become duller. So if you want something durable for your garden, buy another kind of lumber.

What Materials Are Used To Make Indonesian Teak Furniture?

Mostly, the materials used to assemble furniture are iron, steel, glass, and leather. All these components must be secured so they don’t come apart once the furniture is set up. Depending on the furniture designs, it could include metal brackets or screws. Then again, you can use glue if you prefer.

Teak Wood Log : Main material for quality teak wood furniture

There are a few exceptions, though, such as oak. Most of the time, oak requires nails instead of screws because of its hardness. You may need to take additional precautions by applying some sort of protector before nailing it down.

You can choose from various wood species depending on their suitability. Popular ones include teak, cherry, maple, walnut, and mahogany. But sometimes buy cheap wooden furniture that’s made of MDF, plywood, or particleboard.

Sometimes people replace the original surface with veneers, lacquers, or paints. For those who want contemporary designs, you can check out the internet. There are plenty of websites selling reclaimed or recycled furniture pieces.

Does Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture Has Natural Stain?

The first answer will probably be yes. The teak is pretty softwood, and it gets stained naturally. However, it is recommended to keep this in mind before purchasing a piece of furniture.

Usually, people say they don’t mind buying a finished item because it will match their current decor. That way, once it has aged for years, it won’t come out of style. Remove all the old finishes so you could avoid having issues later on. Plus, you’ll be able to apply a fresh coat of paint.

If you live in an area where weather is harsh, you may need to protect your perfect furniture product from sunlight and extreme temperatures. We suggest applying an anti-weathering oil such as teak oil that protects the product from UV radiation, water, insects, and rain.

As mentioned earlier, teak timber resists fading better than most other surfaces. You can still make small repairs and refinishing tasks by using a filler product combined with oil.

Are There Any Special Treatments That Can Apply To Indoor Outdoor Furniture Product?

There is a lot of Indonesian teak wood furniture available today, such as teak benches, dining table, coffee table, boat deck, console table, garden dining chairs, modern furniture, park furniture, antique furniture, bar chairs, bathroom furniture, outdoor garden furniture, classic furniture, teak root furniture, teak patio furniture, ethnic furniture, and more.

When selecting your indoor-outdoor furniture collection to protect it against water damage and corrosion, there are some special treatments available for your pieces of furniture. They include:

The first method is using epoxy resin. You apply an epoxy coating on the surface of your furniture. The effective depends on how thick the epoxy layer is applied.

The best way to apply epoxy coatings is by using a spray gun. If you use a brush, the amount of application will always exceed the actually required thickness of the coating.

The second treatment is the polyurethane finish. A polyurethane finish protects the furniture’s structure while allowing air and light penetration through the top. Polyurethanes have more durability than other finishes and are resistant to UV rays, which cause fading of colors and cracking.

5 Great Benefits Owning Indonesian Teak Furniture

Since it’s a tropical species of hardwood, Indonesian teak wood furniture has an amazing ability to grow slowly if given enough space. If left alone, they will only need about ten years before becoming mature trees that can provide us with usable timber. This makes them a great material for long-lasting homes, but makes them an excellent investment for future generations.

Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia For Export Market

Here in our little guide, we explain some reasons you should invest in Indonesian teak wood furniture.

1) More durable than other similar types of wood

Indonesian teaks are among the hardest woods on earth and their durability makes them perfect choices for your home. They have superior strength characteristics, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like countertops, floorboards, kitchen cabinets, doors, staircases, and even outdoor patio furniture.

However, they are not affected by weather, insect pests, or termites, which makes them an excellent choice of furniture for any type of household.

2) Sturdy & eliable quality

Aside from being extremely durable, Indonesian teak wood is exceptionally sturdy. Most of our properties that contain this type of wood furniture are built during colonial times, where the technology is far behind the modern standards set today.

Despite their age, these pieces remain stable with no external support. The dense exterior allows them to be used effectively in outdoor space when needed, while remaining protected inside.

3) Natural pest and disease resistant

Indonesia’s teak wood furniture is almost completely free of pests and diseases, which makes them safe for people and pets alike. Since they don’t need treatments to keep away unwanted bugs and critters, you won’t have to spend hours battling pests every time you sit down at your table or place your feet up on the sofa.

They are resistant to fire, rot, and decay, which means you’ll always enjoy the look and feel of your furniture for long periods of time.

4) Easy maintenance

Unlike other types of wood, Indonesian teaks do not require regular cleaning services like painting or polishing. Instead, they just need periodic washing using soap and water.

And even then, they can endure multiple items of washing without having their appearance fade. Simply wipe off dirt periodically and leave them to dry naturally. For best results, simply apply a coat of clear varnish or oil once a year.

Also, their unique dark color doesn’t stain easily or attract mold and mildew growth. You can know that you’re getting authentic wood that will last decades beyond the expected lifespan of a wooden chair or table.

5) They’re easy to refinish

Like all quality solid woods, Indonesian teaks are easy to repair and maintain when required. In fact, you can save yourself considerable costs by restoring your existing furniture instead of buying new products.

You can sand damaged parts and polish them back to their original luster before applying a fresh coat of finish on top. Rely on us to provide you with professional restoration services.

How To Choose Quality Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture For Your Home

There are many ways to choose quality furniture suitable for your home. But one thing remains true: no matter how beautiful it looks, if there are cracks in the surface, the product has already lost its value as a replacement for your old furniture. For choosing the right furniture, here’s what you should look for:

1) Look at the grain pattern

Grain patterns comprise tiny lines that run parallel to each other through the thickness of the wood. These lines represent the direction grains grow throughout the piece quality of teak wood.

Surface pattern of teak wood furniture

It’s important that both you and your family members’ safety is considered because the grain runs vertically and horizontally across the entire piece. If this grain pattern is not clearly visible, you should have another option.

2) Find out about the finishing process

When you purchase a particular item, you want to get an idea of what kind of finish it has been given. This information includes whether the item has a clear coating, satin, wax or oils applied.

Applying teak oil finishing on teak wood furniture surface

Once you know how each finish affects the durability and beauty of the product, you’ll be able to make better decisions regarding which finish works best for your needs.

If the surfaces are rough or uneven and have stains on them, the likelihood of developing scratches over time may increase. If you notice these signs in any of your finest quality furniture pieces, we highly recommend that you visit our store and inspect your options.

4) Make sure the manufacturer produces good quality furniture

One of the biggest differences between Indonesian teak furniture and that manufactured by other manufacturers lies in their manufacturing methods.

Manufacturing custom design teak wood furniture

The quality of your furniture will depend largely upon the skill levels of the company producing it. For instance, a poorly crafted table might break apart after only a few years, while a properly built piece might last for decades.

3) Find quality Indonesian teak wood furniture

Quality Indonesian teak wood furniture ensures long-lasting durability and good performance, but also comes with some drawbacks. Despite being durable, these wood items can be expensive. Therefore, it’s important to look into quality pieces first. You’ll want to see if the material used is worth the price you pay.

To ensure that the product meets standard wood requirements, you can check online sources or ask others who’ve purchased the same type of wood.

One thing you must remember, though, is that even high-quality goods come with defects sometimes. So the best way to avoid any problems is to do your research thoroughly beforehand.

Advantages Of Shopping For Furniture Online

Online shopping allows you to compare the prices of different furniture stores, both physical and online. It also provides you with more information about what you are purchasing.

One of the greatest advantages of shopping for furniture online is being able to compare prices from different retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online.

Besides the price, consumers can also see detailed information about the furniture they are considering purchasing. For example, a customer may want to learn what kind of wood is being used or whether the manufacturer offers a warranty on their product.

Another great aspect of online shopping is that customers can see quality images of the furniture they are interested in purchasing. Many times, when a person shops around at different places, they do so without actually seeing the merchandise until they pick up the order.

With online sites, they have access to detailed pictures of the furniture they are looking at before they commit to buying it. Having all of this information available gives a consumer a greater sense of satisfaction.

Shopping online saves time as well. When someone goes into a store, they need to wait while sales associates help them figure out what they want. Even if someone knows exactly what they are looking for, the process can still take a long time.

By using comparison websites like WIKITEAK.COM, one can save valuable time because they can look at photos of various models of furniture right away. They can even shop through multiple pages of options without having to take countless trips to each type of store.

Custom design teak wood furniture from WIKITEAK

Another benefit of comparing prices and seeing additional information is that it helps consumers save money when buying beautiful furniture. Furniture shoppers often feel like they are forced into compromising their wants in order to keep costs low.

When choosing between several options, online retail makes comparisons easy to conduct. You need to compare products side by side using keyword searches.

Tips Buying Teak Furniture Online

1) Check for warranty details

If the manufacturer offers warranties on their products, check these out carefully. Usually, you’ll pay less for furniture with extended warranties than those that don’t offer any protection to their clients. Remember, however, that you must follow the instructions to avoid voiding warranties on some products.

Some people take advantage of the guarantees offered by companies. However, this means they’re willing to spend money on repairs rather than replacing broken pieces. This isn’t always possible, but it’s still worth considering.

2) Choose a shipping method

Shipping methods should be chosen carefully after comparing their costs and efficiency. You will save yourself some trouble by picking a shipping option based on how much your items weigh.

3) Think about your budget

Think about how much you want to spend on your home furnishings. What you decide to spend is up to you, but remember that every penny counts. Before you buy anything, ask yourself what it will cost you over time to use and maintain it. If you find that the price seems too high, then it probably is.

4) Compare prices

Finally, once you choose a provider, it’s important to compare prices. Shopping around helps you find discounts and deals that might not otherwise be advertised. Also, knowing which company has the best return policy lets you know whether you want to go back to that vendor or seek another.

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