College Grads
College Grads

The Fear of Graduating

by Kay L about a year ago in humanity

Existential Crisis

The Fear of Graduating

Like many others, the final day approaches where we walk across the stage and accept our degree. All those 4-5 hard earned years of tears, sweat, and probably more caffeine than necessary materializes into a piece of paper that further reinstates our tears, sweat, and current caffeine addiction. We are graduating and entering into society! A place with no more exams, no more endless hours of readings, no more cramming the night before, all of it gone!

Well, now what?

I have probably asked myself this question since the moment I applied to graduate. Now what? Well naturally we believe we are going to find a job which support us enough to pay off our student loans while financing our living expenses, right? If only it were that simple. Like many others I feel stuck. I worked hard for this degree, and I can’t seem to find a job. I’m either over qualified or under qualified for everything I have applied to.

University to me was filled with so many promises, and like many others we went in with the feeling of hope and pride, that we were going to change the world some way. Now, we are graduating unemployed with racks of debt and absolutely no supporting jobs. I used to find it weird that people would be working minimum wage jobs with a university degree, scratching my ignorant and naïve head at the Mac employee who has been a graduate for the past two-years. I used to think to myself, “Well why would you work in the mall if you have a university degree?” Well, now I get it.

So now what?

What do we do when we can’t find jobs that support us enough to pay off our loans or jobs that support our living expenses? In a world where the cost of living continues to rise and debt continues to accumulate?

Well, now is the time to get creative. A 9-5 just isn’t enough for some people to live. Sure, maybe 40 years ago that worked, but now with tuition increasing and the world being too expensive it is not enough for us to live off of. Now is the time for innovators and creators to find their own way. We live in a time where we are creating jobs that never used to exist before.

So to you, new graduate, who wanted to go the traditional route but can’t seem to find a job with purpose, create your own way. I know it’s scary, and I believe what holds us back the most is the thought of failing. We are so scared to take our first step because the simple thought that creeps up in our minds of failing holds us back. We would much rather be comfortable living our lives with what we feel is more stable which is absolutely valid. I’m writing this article as a way for some to see another perspective in a world which feels impossible. Don’t fear taking that step, the worst thing that can possibly happen is that it doesn’t work out. Try not to sell yourself short in what you can accomplish and achieve. We are all capable of doing something impactful.

I know graduating is scary, and being out in the real world can be even scarier, but you are a go-getter and an achiever. Not to say going your own route is easy or simple because there will be difficulties and maybe even some set backs along the way. People might even discourage you because they themselves don’t have the courage to do what you’re doing, but I believe in you. For some people taking the traditional route and going straight into the work-force after graduating has worked for them! But what works for one doesn’t work for all.

If you’ve made it this far in the article it’s probably because you want to pave your own way after graduating, or you have so many ideas that you want to put out into the world! You can do it, and don’t let anyone discourage you of your full potential. Live your dream.

A message from an idealist

Kay L
Kay L
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