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The Amazing Singer

by Matthew Primous 3 months ago in celebrities
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Bourgnew's Legendary Tale

The Amazing Singer
Photo by Abstral Official on Unsplash

Many people don't know but I always loved to sing. Ever since I was four or five years old I knew dancing and singing was for me. I remember dancing and hopping myself to the beat of those popular songs, where the singers sing real good and talking love. Those R&B classics and Pop favorites. Some say it stop me from crying listening to that music. In the beginning when I was real little, my Mom would sing some spirituals to quiet me and I loved her singing. When I got a little older, I started liking other people's singing. Especially their singing on television, it blew my mind and change my world. At age 6, I was ready to get my debut, my teacher Ms. Love said if I make the highest grades then I would be taught to sing. So I prayed "Make me a singer, I will work really hard and never stop." And months later when my grades came in, I was being taught music, it started out with just the notes, I just mimick the teacher. He was so handsome and older like at least my father's age or maybe my grandfather as he played the piano. I was awe struck and determined. I added a bit of comedy in front of the cameras because I was nervous in my pretty dress. The teacher spoke for the both of us. Everybody was looking at us in amazement. At that performance, all I remember coming back home and Mom pull me aside and said "You've been could sing. I didn't know how to teach you but you could sing." And then I remember singing in children choirs, I was not afraid to lift my voice. I was glad to have a mic and praising. We were singing church songs from the radio. I was waiting to put some Soul or new sound to those songs because I love changing my vocals and using my voice as an instrument. I found out how high my voice could go when I finally perform lead at church. I sung James Cleveland's Victory Shall Be Mines for my Momma. Then years later at another church at age 8, I performed with my sisters in a trio made by a close older friend at church, we sung Gonna Lay My Burdens in front of the church and we were applauded. Grandma was watching in the crowd, she wanted to surprise me after church. She asked the Pastor to leave me behind. Grandma at relieved said, "Gia, you can really sing. You stand out. You gonna be great you're gonna be something. You are a prize. You're very pretty. I know everyone in the family have their differences but we all believe you are gonna be great. I believe in you. Don't stop singing." And she hugged me and tickled me and I cried laughing. She kept saying "you promised" and I would say "yesss." I never would forget her long, gray hair all the way down to her back and how she let me touch her cheek with my little hands. I never saw her again and that sadden me. At her funeral, I was a little lost and Momma reminded me of my promise to keep singing. I sung in church choirs and we almost won a competition that got me determine again to be an amazing singer. Afterwards the Pastor said "I hope you children are inspired to be something great. I hope you can believe that you have a purpose. I know its hard not winning but we come this far by faith. So pull it together, its not the end, we have more to accomplished. There's hope and there's excitement for our future." Then at the end of elementary, I had a mentor named Janet, she was a college student. She knew I loved drawing but she didn't know I love music and dancing. I finally told her when she gave me an artkit. She showed me all her drawings and I was amazed and yelled "I like music too. I mean I loved music and dancing." Janet said, "Show me your moves girl." And I tried a little dancing and sung a little song I learned. Janet clapped and said "it was really good, where did you learned that? I wanted to know." I said, "At church and on the radio and on television." Janet whisper, "You want a piece of advise. Don't stop singing. Keep on dancing. And you will get there. No matter how hard the fight." I said "That is what my grandmother said before she died. Momma keeps me in choirs. And its kind of hard to keep on but I love it so much." Janet said, "You know baby. Life may be hard but that means there's more to adventure. There's more for you." That was the last time I saw Janet because I moved to the Middle school. It's not easy going through the school system being a young black girl. People pick on you and they make fun of you. And sometimes adults won't listen. This girl kept messing with my earrings. I told her to stop but she wouldn't. I think she was jealous and a group of girls in the classroom didn't like me looking cute. I remember what my parents told me to not let anyone bully me so I push her against the file cabinet and told her to stop. I cried profusely because I didn't want to get into trouble with the vice principal. I moved to another section of the middle school and I did really well. My grades were honor roll and it made me reflected especially since the school's talent show was coming up. I wanted to participate. All my music teachers recommended me and my friends said I would really tear the house down. Momma said I can wear my blue velvet dress from church, she said I'm gonna be great and she is proud of me. Before the audition, I played on the piano and sing the song to my younger sister and she was wowed and said I should do everything. I tried but Ms.McDawn really wanted to play along. At the audition, I was almost at the end and tired and sad because I thought I was not gonna make it but the crowd roar with my Amazing Grace. Another boy was singing the song with a guitar and I was almost left out of the show but my music teacher Ms. McDawn gave me a second chance by playing on the piano to my singing. I remember this big performance like it was yesterday, there were three hundred people in the audience each time. I had to sing the song three times because the school was that big. I remember saying in my head, "This is my big shot. My time to shine. Don't blow it. Just sing. You know it. Just sing. Remember what your Momma said and how she sing to you. It's your turn! Just Sing!"


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