The 7 Day Theory

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The 7 Day Theory

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Had to give y'all the old school flow for a second...

And if you missed class yesterday, here's the review...

I forgot how fun these lil streams of conscious can be. Writing is fun. Too bad half you niggas don't read. *more jokes*

Writing is my shit. What's your shit?


... still nothing?

All good. Go make some shit.

Just that simple. Pick a passion and go fuck around with it.

Creating something (for me anyway) comes down to these four simple questions.

How to create? Find your lane and your voice.

What to create? Whatever the fuck... find a muse and your passion is somewhere deep inside her. Aye!

When to create? Always.

How do I begin the creative process? Bingo.

Fill in the blanks

"Hello My name is [blank] and I am most passionate about [blank]."

Congratulations just figured out what you should be doing to make money the rest of your life. Tips are appreciated.

All jokes aside, it's really that simple.

Here's a few versions of what mine would sound like depending on my setting.

"Hello My name is Donnie and I am most passionate about my bad ass nephew."

"Hello My name is Donnie and I am most passionate about 'sports investing' and Green Bay Packers football."

"Hello My name is Donnie and I am most passionate about Mermaids."

But what does it all mean?


Relax, you aren't stupid.

You weren't supposed to get it. This whole thing is kind of an inside joke/love letter but of course you wouldn't have known that if I didn't tell you.

Kinda like having a dream about a fish wearing a fish costume.

Ok I'll stop playing and tie it up because I'm having too much fun typing this and you wanna believe you have more important shit to do.

If you really wanna know what any of that meant, check out our podcast that we never record, $TheloZErs. *sigh* Yup we got a podcast too.

Our shit dope tho stop playing with me...

*tense Urban pause*

Just jokes fam. Check us out on Spotify or Google Podcasts. Matter fact...

Go head and subscribe and 5 star us while you're there. Thanks .

Let's continue .

*"4 in the Mornin" by Nip plays*

So how does this post help you at all? Just find your process.

Here's mine from yesterday. *insert pic*

That quickly I came up with the idea for this challenge that means absolutely nothing to anybody.

Then I bought the domain name

Then I made the website.

Then I connected the social media.

See how fast some silly shit can turn into some interesting shit?

It's 4:20 now and "4 in the Mornin" by Nip just started playing so that's my cue.

Dont forget:

  • Check out
  • Check out for the Squadcast tomorrow.
  • Look for your passion in something simple.

And do your damn homework.


Donald Whitaker Jr
Donald Whitaker Jr
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