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Thank you to all postmen and postwomen

by Peter Mason about a year ago in heroes and villains

You hold the cards, but don’t use them.

Thank you to all postmen and postwomen
Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

Heroes are a type of person. They have a choice, but fundamentally they are just us. The choice is how they live their life and for what. It might be conscious, unconscious or out of their control. A quick thought might be one of those famous faces on the movie screens and a common concept of what a hero might be defined from many films. Those personalities I believe to be present before the person made a choice in or out of their control, to act for others. Those personality traits remain with the person as the film plays out. But that’s still true in reality.

For me, I chose postmen and postwomen that deliver letters and parcels. That is not to say that they are any less or more than:

· Charities to support local businesses during COVID-19

· Sustainability and environmental organizations

· Giving girls education around the world

· Food and water for all

· Anti-racism projects

· Doctors, nurses and medical staff

· Warehouse workers

· Garbage collectors.

· Nonprofits and charitable organisations

· Parents

· Teachers

· To other heroes that I haven’t mentioned, I will read your actions, and choices written by others and look out for you in future. I’m always listening and learning. Thank you too.

By Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Here is my message for postmen and postwomen. One letter for you to keep.

Dear Sir and Madam,

We have always seen you and we took you for granted. We will stand with you in the face of your challenges. You supply us and save us, and we will support you. Your job starts at ruthless hours, and it isn’t for the faint hearted. I know I can do more to help you. I hear of stories of families giving away mini hand sanitizers, gifts for their families and well wishes for their service. We must all do more and know of your work.

As families and as companies, we place our trust in you. You hold all the cards, yet you never reveal them. You do as we ask. All around the world, the same principle of extending an arm and you deliver. And when you apparently don’t people are inevitably frustrated. But in reality, we have set unfair standards for the timelines. We have instant communication, and we send letters in person. Even through advancements we ask for the human touch. A postcard or a handwritten note hits closer to the heart than a digital message. And with that extra effort is a human. It isn’t always perfect, but life isn’t meant to be. In the midst of everything, you are actually outstanding. Thank you.

Here out my explanation for our situation to a universe pen pal that lives on the other side of the galaxy. We are mysterious and unpredictable walking apes that can order whatever 2D picture we find in a non-physical shop and trade in a currency and get it in a few rotations of the sun? There is a complex chain of events, but in the mail, we receive a 3D item that we can use: wear, click or walk in. Behind the item that lands at our doorstep, is a human who helped get it there. A soul was involved, some person’s part of their life was spent for you.

You also read our number or house name when each of us have our own unique banner, sometimes legible and other not. As you approach the front door, you fight off the guard dogs and still in return, give a smile when no-one is watching. Your job is an interpersonal message, and you while not part of the conversation, are part of the medium of the message. We didn’t see you before, because we didn’t know where to look. Now we do, our lives are as cluttered, and we are in a way apologizing.

You are worth all of you. You were good in your soul before you took the job. The job may have covered your heart and noble intentions. There was never a need for the media to glance over your work because you were doing the right thing without huge drama. Yet, when the people of the world choose to praise your actions. While the rest of the world sleeps, and stays at home, you choose to turn up. For your family, your friends, for your community – for yourself. Because you are good inside.

School’s didn’t teach us these traits, but I always saw them as other people to talk with. Other people, and before that all children. The world’s eyes are you on now, in this new normal. I hope that they continue to focus upon you. The world before 2020, was focused on all of us but in an individual way. Now that the world is so much more focused on unity and a collective attitude to working towards the common goal. We are better at collaborating and realizing how far we have come together. I see you clearer than before. You travel from home to home delivering a message, and stay away from your own. You carry answers in your hands, but didn't ask the questions. And you see us in our Pjs and our sides that even our friends may not see. Thank you.

We learn in hindsight what we are grateful for. This has been something that we have taken for granted and in this moment, you are our arms and our legs. Thank you for moving for us and keeping us flowing around the world.

Once again, thank you.

From every home to yours.

heroes and villains

Peter Mason

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