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Success Requires "Ten Business"

Success is everyone's dream, but success does not fall from the sky, but through continuous practice, accumulation and obtain, as long as efforts to improve the "ten quotients"

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 8 min read
Success Requires "Ten Business"
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  Success is everyone's dream, but success does not fall from the sky, but through continuous practice, accumulation and obtain, as long as efforts to improve the "ten quotients" of wisdom and ability, the pursuit of comprehensive and balanced development, you will be able to build a successful and happy building.

1. Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

  Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a quantitative indicator of a person's intelligence, but it can also be expressed as a person's mastery of knowledge, reflecting a person's observation, memory, thinking, imagination, creativity, and ability to analyze and solve problems. Indeed, IQ is not fixed and can be developed and grown through learning and training. To be successful, we must keep learning and accumulating IQ.

  We must learn not only from books and society but also from our bosses. Because your boss can be qualified to be your boss today, there must be something better than you, and there are many things you should learn. Many people want to surpass their boss, which is a very valuable spirit but to surpass your boss, you do not learn what he succeeded in, how to talk about surpassing? Continuously learn to improve the IQ, which is the basic condition for success.

2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  The emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ for short), is the ability to manage your emotions and deal with interpersonal relationships. Nowadays, people face a fast-paced life, high workload, and complex interpersonal relationships, without a high EQ is difficult to achieve success; people with high EQ, people like to interact with him and always get a lot of people's support and support. At the same time, interpersonal relationships are also an important resource in life, and good interpersonal relationships often lead to more opportunities for success. Fred S226; Luthans (Fred Luthans), one of the representatives of the theory of power change on the successful managers (fast promotion) and effective managers (high management performance) have done a survey, found that the significant difference between the two is: the maintenance of interpersonal network relations to the successful managers contribute the most, accounting for 48%, while only 11% of the effective managers. It is clear that in the workplace, to obtain faster growth, it is not enough to just put your head to work, good interpersonal relationships are an important factor in achieving success.

3. Adversity Quotient (AQ)

  Adversity Intelligence Quotient (AQ) refers to the ability to withstand stress in the face of adversity, or the ability to withstand failure and setbacks. In today's peaceful times, the ability to cope with adversity is more likely to make you invincible. "Suffering is a stepping stone for the gifted, a treasure for the table, and a ten-thousand-foot abyss for the weak." "Suffering is the best education for life." The talk of famous people tells us that a great personality will only be stimulated by potential, broadened my vision, and sublimated by soul, and will only lead to success if it undergoes melting and hardship, as the saying goes.

  About 80% of the wealthy people in any country or region come from poor backgrounds or low education, they started from nothing to create a big business, and won the enviable wealth and reputation. None of them are smooth sailing, or even a lot of ups and downs, after several ups and downs, without failures and setbacks on success.

  Adversity will not last, and the strong will win. Because people have amazing potential, as long as the will to play it, will be able to overcome difficulties, the achievement of life's glory.

4. Moral Quotient (MQ)

Moral Intelligence Quotient (MQ) refers to a person's level of virtue or moral character quality. The content of MQ includes various virtues such as consideration, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, honesty, responsibility, peace, loyalty, courtesy, humor, and so on. We often say that virtue is the most important of all the "virtues, intellect and body"; Coors said that character is better than knowledge. It can be seen that virtue is the most important. A person with a high moral quotient will be trusted and respected, and will naturally have more chances of success.

  As the ancients said, "If you get a lot of help if you lose a lot of help" and "If you get a lot of virtue, you will get a lot of virtue", which is to tell us that we should regulate our behavior with morality and constantly cultivate ourselves to get success in life. In ancient and modern times, all the truly successful people have reached a very high level of morality.

  A large number of facts, in reality, show that the failure of many people is not a failure of ability, but a failure of being a human being and a failure of morality.

5. Daring Quotient (DQ)

  Daring Quotient (Daring Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as DQ) is a measure of a person's courage, guts, and boldness, reflecting a spirit of adventure. People with a high Daring Intelligence Quotient can grasp opportunities and take action when it is time to do so. No matter what era, without the courage to take risks, no time can become a climate. And most successful businessmen, and politicians, are with extraordinary courage and boldness.

6. financial intelligence (FQ)

  Financial intelligence (Financial Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as FQ), refers to the ability to manage money, especially the ability to invest income. Without the ability to manage money, how much money you have will slowly spend it all, the so-called "rich but three generations" means that the old son of financial intelligence hard work to save up money, at most the last will lose in the hands of children and grandchildren without financial intelligence. Financial intelligence is the most needed ability of a person, but it is also the most neglected ability.

  Our fathers were "poor fathers" and taught us to study hard, find a good job, save more, and spend less. It's okay to earn less, the key is stability. They never taught me to be financially literate and to think about how to manage my money. So, financial intelligence is an ability that we urgently need to develop. One of the key reasons why people who can manage their money are getting richer is the financial intelligence distinction. How is it that the rich, in particular, can accumulate such great wealth in their lifetime? The answer is the ability to invest and manage money.

7. Mental Quotient (MQ)

  Mental Intelligence Quotient (MQ) is the ability to maintain mental health, adjust to mental stress, and maintain good psychological condition and vitality. 21 century is the "depression era", human beings are facing greater psychological pressure, Improving MQ and maintaining mental health has become the urgent need of the times. It has become an urgent need of the times. Modern people are eager to succeed, and success depends more and more on one's mental state and mental health. In a sense, the level of mental quotient directly determines the bitterness and happiness of life process and dominates the success or failure of life fate.

  There are many people in the world, achieved great success, but because of the various pressures of life, depression, because of pressure or can not withstand a setback in life suffering from psychological disorders, and even on the road of no return, interpretation of a human tragedy.

8. Will Quotient (WQ)

  "Will Quotient" is the Will Intelligence Quotient (WQ), which refers to the level of a person's will quality, including tenacity, purpose, decisiveness, self-control, and other aspects. If you can study and work with the spirit of tenacity and hard work without fear of hardship and fatigue, you have a high IQ.

  "Those who are not strong in the will are not wise, and those who are not faithful in a word are not fruitful indeed" and "Diligence can make up for lack is a good lesson, one point of hard work is one point of talent". They illustrate a truth: the will quotient has an important impact on a person's wisdom. Life is a small ambition, a big ambition, a big success. Many people have mediocre life, not because they are not talented, but because they lack ambition and clear development goals. This is especially true in the business world, where ambition is required to achieve outstanding careers.

9. Spiritual Quotient (SQ)

  Spiritual Intelligence Quotient (SQ) is inspiration, epiphany, and intuitive thinking ability about the nature of things. According to Planck, the father of quantum mechanics, a creative scientist must have a distinctive intuitive imagination. Whether it was Archimedes' inspiration from the bath that eventually led to the discovery of the law of buoyancy, Newton's inspiration from the dropped apple that led to the discovery of the law of gravity, or Kekuler's dream about the snake's head and tail that led to the discovery of the structure of the benzene ring, all are monumental examples of the leap of spiritual quotient in the history of science.

  There is no definite formula for a successful life, and relying on written theories alone will not solve practical problems, but also requires enlightenment and the flash of the spiritual quotient. The key to cultivating a spiritual quotient is to keep learning, observing, and thinking, to dare to make bold assumptions, and to break through traditional thinking.

10. Health Intelligence Quotient (HQ)

  Health Intelligence Quotient (abbreviated as HQ) is a reflection of the health awareness, health knowledge, and health ability that an individual has. Health is the greatest wealth in life, just like health is 1, career, love, money, family, friendship, power, etc. are the zeros behind 1, so life with 1 is not enough, but if you lose 1 (health), the zeros behind are not meaningful to you, as the saying goes, peace is a blessing. So the prerequisite of happiness is to care for and cherish your life and work hard to create and share the value of your life such as career, love, wealth, power, etc.


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