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by Graham Cooke about a month ago in list · updated 23 days ago


Prologue is 1030 Words

So, after reading two variations of this created by other Vocal creators, I have decided to summarize my favourites also. The first variation is the one in which creators, i.e. authors, list their favourites of their peers here on Vocal, . The second variation of the favourites list is whereby an author (creator) lists their own favourite Vocal Creations and not an ad nauseum list of all their own works. This particular "Favourite - Vocal Creations and Authors" creation of mine is the first variation and will "attempt to limit" my display of affection for certain creator's selection of prose and other works.

NOTE: The image you see above is a screen capture photo of those to whom I subscribe here on Vocal. Yes; there are quite a few! As the caption to that screen capture (photo) above indicates, I have eight pages of creators to which I am following - 12 creators per page - though only my eighth subscription page is illustrated - with the images and names "redacted." That number grows each day. Presently, I'm at eight six (86) creators and growing. I'm sorry - my apologies - to those whose specific creations I don't list here though I did find many of your first seen works just great. But your names do get honorable mention at the end.

The following is my list of truly amazing creators and an example of each of their best work - in my opinion. Yes; the majority of these Vocal creators I list are - now - Facebook friends of mine. You should know, I do try to remain somewhat unbiassed in the ranking of each. It follows no priority except by number of works, i.e. library pages published on Vocal. Two prominent and favourite bloggers I like on Vocal are listed as the "bridge" between my personal creator favourites and all the rest to whom I subscribe; though one former creator I honour first at the start.

You may have noticed I did not write a "Tribute" to Tom. That was because I never got the chance to privately speak with him through Facebook, establish an exchange of comments, or by distant messaging (DM), personal messaging (PM) or email. But I've had opportunity now, to get to know him well, I believe, having read the tributes to him and nearly all his works. I would like to think, I consider this my tribute to him by remembering you all. Somehow, I think he would approve.

NOTE (trivia): I have listed the number of pages to each author's library following their library name link, i.e. Name (##), at this, the current time of publishing. FYI: Up to eight (8) published items can appear to each library page; so, you do the math. Keep that in mind - "smile".

I have read a large volume of Vocal Creator's works, and I'm tabulating both those to whom I subscribe on Vocal in two separate creations.

Why two you may ask? Because of the sheer size of this that my effort grew into which exceeded Vocal's capability to publish in just one work. So I am going to start off with this prologue; and, then follow with the main body in two more Vocal creations:

  1. The larger number I've read, on which I can comment and even offer a short review for certain suggested selections (--noted here--); and,
  2. The remainder of Vocal creators to whom I subscribe; I just haven't had time to "delve deep into their libraries quite yet" ( -- noted here --).

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Graham Cooke

Semi-retired contract technical writer, editor and content developer now writing creatively in the genres of adventure, post-apocalyptic and science fiction, and technical gear reviews.

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Graham Cooke
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