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Since the choice, we must travel through thick and thin; as long as pay, we must have no regrets. --The inscription

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 5 min read

  Since the choice, we must travel through thick and thin; as long as pay, we must have no regrets. --The inscription

  I was born in the countryside, my father is a rural substitute teacher, a long time in the private school teaching, day after day dedicated and early and late sleep makes the body of my father is already bad health deteriorating, coupled with years of bronchitis, often cough. Due to the bad influence at school, Dad was forced to quit his hard-working job with a low monthly salary, which meant that he was unemployed at home. My mother was a rural working woman. The simplicity of life, the hard work of farming, the heavy burden of the family, and the lack of understanding between my sister and me made my mother grow old. Mom gave all her youth to the whole family, but she never complained and never regretted it. Because I know that my sister and I are my mother's lifelong concern, and my sister and I are my mother's eternal spiritual motivation. No matter how difficult life is, how hard it is. As long as my sister and I study hard and get into a famous university in the future, my parents will not be crushed by life, no matter how hard they work. My sister and I are my mom and dad's eternal hope and watchfulness.

  Because of Dad's poor health, Dad could not go to work. But without Dad's salary, it meant that our family was cut off from our source of livelihood. The family's fields were not doing well every year, and we had to lose money when the harvest was bad. Therefore, my sister and I were in danger of dropping out of school at any time. Because my father was a teacher, a good person, generous and kind, he was invited to give extra lessons during the summer holidays, charging low fees and working conscientiously and responsibly, so he won a good reputation in our brigade. So my father started his own business at home and opened a home for children left behind in rural areas. But it was a public service, after all, so the only way to sustain the family was through this hard work with a small profit. But for various reasons, the situation was not very optimistic. The days were tight, and for this reason, my mother fought with my father "n" times.

  My sister and I got into Danzhong Middle School and Fengzhong Middle School with good grades in 2008 and 2009 respectively. In the neighbors' eyes, they were so envious of us, one was a provincial key and the other was a national key high school. Our parents were also proud of this, but my sister and I both knew what was behind this pride - not only the huge expenses but also the pressure from all sides. I entered this college with my parents' earnest hopes, with the sincere wishes of my relatives and friends, and with my colorful dreams. But a semester, a school year passed, and I disappointed all the people who cared for me, I am sorry for them, my grades fell to the ground, and I can not believe how my excellent and diligent self-disciplined self could fail.

  I am now in my second year of high school. I've grown up and I understand a lot of things. The eagerness to succeed, the sincere maintenance of friendships, the beautiful vision of love, etc., etc., all of these things keep me awake. Maybe some things are too early for me to get "intoxicated". I knew I had to make a choice and give up what I shouldn't have. Because I'm from the countryside, I don't want to be left behind. I am a rural person, and I know very well the mission of every rural child, which is to fulfill the wishes left by the previous generation. Go out of the countryside, into the big city, to pursue a better and more high-grade city life, never to suffer in the countryside, no longer let others look down on, no longer let their next generation was also born in the countryside, I want to change their destiny, I want to struggle, struggle, struggle ...... I know that all of this makes me no choice I know that I must succeed, everything does not allow me to fail, and I can not fail.

  I know that the path I choose is full of bitterness, despair, loneliness, and pain. But it was the only way out for me. Although I am a rural person, I can not "hate", because "hate" will bring all the troubles and failures, I have to love, love myself, love life, and love all the people who love me. Because I understand that only love can bring happiness, can bring success.

 Although I am now scarred, a "do not give up, do not give up" let me see hope, maybe I will fail again, but I will again open the wings of the indomitable, to fight out a piece of their sky. In my opinion, yesterday's successes and failures are no longer meaningful, grasp today, so that tomorrow reveals a brighter smile, with the will to fight to defend the vows of youth. No more hesitation, no more wandering, grasp the advancement of their own. Everything relies on their efforts, strong through the storm, with the sweat of success to verify the youth without regret. Life does not believe in tears, not to mention backward, even if there is no one ahead, I have to go on.

  To struggle, we must give up that freedom and choose to be accompanied by tranquility and solitude.

  If you want to struggle, you have to give up the relationship and choose the courage and confidence to accompany you.

  The struggle is to get rid of that prosperity and choose to be accompanied by pain and sorrow.

  Life is beautiful, so everyone can cherish every day they have, so that life does not leave regrets.


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