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Stand Corrected Editing - Helping Writers Get Published

by Stand Corrected Editing 2 years ago in product review
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Not all editors are horrible and pricey!

Stand Corrected Editing - Helping Writers Get Published
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For all of you out there who write stories, poems and books, you'll understand the importance of the editing process. From self-editing all the way up to professional editing, it all needs to be done.

Oh, what's that? You aren't going to hire a professional editor before you publish? Well, obviously its up to you what you do with your pride and joy, but if your dream is to make a living from writing and to maintain a loyal readership, getting a professional editor is the kindest thing to do for your work and your dignity.

Now, I know editors have a bad reputation for charging stupid amounts for their services, but through this article, I aim to alter your perspective of them, even just a little, and hopefully encourage more writers and authors to pursue them before querying and self-publishing. Especially self-publishing!

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Let me tell you a bit about Stand Corrected Editing.

*Coughs* ahem.

As written in the bio and everywhere on the internet, Stand Corrected Editing is a literary consultancy based in the UK that helps passionate writers and authors get their manuscripts to submission level. Whether you have a lengthy fantasy, a collection of poetry, a non-fiction self-help book or a short article or essay, any piece of written content is accepted and polished to the highest standard.

Stand Corrected Editing offers a range of services for writers and authors on their journey to publication. The obvious services, of course, include copy editing, line editing and proofreading. But what is the difference between the three?


Copy editing is a medium edit that focuses on areas such as your syntax, grammar, punctuation, consistency, factual accuracy, spelling and typos.

Line editing is a much heavier edit. You get the same service as what copy editing offers, but with the added extras. For example, a line editor will also look at your writing style, flow, pace, tense and structure.

Proofreading on the other hand, is a much lighter edit, usually for those who are close to submission level. Proofreading includes picking up any missed typos and grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation misplacement.

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As well as the editing services, Stand Corrected Editing also provides the following packages: Manuscript Evaluation, Agent Submission Bundle Review, Novel Opening Assessment, Beta Reading and a Free Consultation.

Ooh! What are these? I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you!

Manuscript Evaluation - This service involves Stand Corrected Editing reading your entire manuscript from start to finish and providing you with an in-depth editorial report, highlighting your work's strengths and weaknesses.

Agent Submission Bundle Review - This package is for writers who are nearly ready to query agents but need a little more advice before doing so. This service requires only the first three chapters of your manuscript, your 1-2 page synopsis and your query letter. In return, you'll receive a detailed feedback report with information on how to improve your pitch.

Novel Opening Review - Writers who are just starting out may benefit the most from this service. Send in the first 25,000 words of your work and receive an editorial report detailing what's going well and what needs improving.

Beta Reading - This is the most well-known service among the writing community as pretty much anyone can be a beta reader, but for those who don't know what beta reading is - its when you give your manuscript to someone else for honest feedback. A beta reader could be your family, your friends or a complete stranger who is willing to read your work.

But why would you want to pay for something others can give for free? Good question! You may have a queue of free beta readers lined up, but Stand Corrected Editing wishes to offer you advice from a professional perspective as well as from the view of a standard reader. My opinion is by no means more important than others, but it's always helpful to gain tips from someone in the field.

Plus, many writers have a fear of having their ideas and work stolen, so having yours beta read by myself at Stand Corrected Editing will protect you from that 100%.

Free Consultation - This service is for writers and authors who may have no idea what service their work needs. You are able to send in the first 10 pages of your manuscript for a free report that will highlight what is working and what your next steps should be in terms of editing.

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You may have thought that was it, but the relationship with Stand Corrected Editing doesn't end when I have returned your edited work. Oh no! The relationship continues for loyal clients who go on to publish!

More? How much more could there be?

I know, it's great, isn't it?!

Clients who have had their work edited at Stand Corrected Editing are automatically entitled to free advertising and marketing of their books once they have been published. Amazing, right? That means free exposure of your author platform and your books! How many other editors or literary consultancies do you know that does this? Huh? Huh?

But what's the catch? I hear you ask. This sounds too good to be true!

It does sound too good to be true, I know, but Stand Corrected Editing provides this loyalty because of how damn hard it is to make it as a writer. Don't get me wrong, writing and publishing is f****** hard, but those steps are easy compared to everything that comes after you hit "publish." Raising the funds to advertise, knowing what platforms to market on, learning how to build an author website, knowing who to advertise to, figuring out how to build a mailing list, knowing how often to promote yourself, getting seen as a new author, getting loved as a new author, battling with the fear that your book is crap, getting people to buy your book and lastly, getting decent reviews! These things are hard, so I want to help make it a little bit easier! You may not get rich through it, but you're not doing it for that...I hope!

Furthermore, Stand Corrected Editing is providing extra help and support for writers on Patreon. It's sometimes difficult to post advice and tips on every social media platform when work gets so busy, so Patreon is perfect for keeping everything in once place. Stand Corrected Editing will still be posting regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but for exclusive, detailed advice, special discount codes and the chance for authors to have their books promoted without having their work edited by Stand Corrected Editing, Patreon is the site to visit!

But why should all this encourage me to hire professional editors? All you've done is advertise Stand Corrected Editing!

Yep, for most of this article, I've promoted Stand Corrected Editing. Not in the hope that you rush out and pay me to have your work edited, but to try and show you that not all editors or professionals in the field are horrible money grabbers. It's not always just a service, some of us actually care about the millions of writers out their trying to get their voice heard. Yes, it's amazing making a living from editing your work, but I can't stress enough how much more amazing it is watching you transform from a writer to a beautiful, published author!

I admire you all!


Editor and Proofreader

Stand Corrected Editing

product review

About the author

Stand Corrected Editing

Hiya! I'm Chelsea and I'm a book editor & proofreader at Stand Corrected Editing, my editorial business in the UK. Feel free to get in touch! :)


Instagram: @standcorrected_editing

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