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Sparkle The Value Of Your Food Delivery Business With Zomato Clone App

On-demand Food Delivery App Solution

By esther sylviaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Zomato Clone App

Taking advantage of the fact that food is essential for all of us, the food business is constantly advancing every day. The food delivery services have brought the comfort of favourite food delivered at the doorsteps with just a few taps in the app. In these times of pandemic, entrepreneurs can take the chance to help your country get their food delivered safely at their place without having to step out. It's time to gear up and grow your business with the Zomato clone app.

What is a Zomato clone?

It is an on-demand food ordering app solution that lets you start your food delivery business instantly. With the launch of this delivery app, customers can place their orders from their favourite restaurants and get them delivered at their doorsteps. All you need is a customisable Zomato clone script in your hand to get into the food delivery business. With the enhanced features, your Zomato clone app can be a big hit.

If you're an entrepreneur planning to develop a food delivery solution, you must comprehend its business model so that you can explore potential outcomes. The online food delivery app script should be customised to generate the best experience and fulfil customer demands.

The online food delivery app should have three modules

  1. User app – Online food orders are placed by the user
  2. Delivery provider app – App to pick and deliver the orders to the customers
  3. Restaurant app – The restaurant receives the order requests from the user.
  4. Admin app – Monitors and manages the orders.

Workflow of the Zomato Clone App

  • The user selects and places an order from a particular restaurant. The payment for the order is made online, or they can choose cash delivery.
  • The store receives the customer's order and accepts it. After the food gets ready, the store places a request for a nearby delivery service person.
  • The delivery person accepts the request and delivers the order to the customer's place.

Some of the appealing features you can customise in the app to make it distinctive

Contactless delivery: Keeping an eye on the current situation to ensure the individuals' health safety is crucial. So, if a customer opts for contactless delivery, the delivery provider gets a notification in advance, and the order is delivered without needing physical contact from the customers.

Customise Orders: The stores can customise orders placed by the customers based on the availability of an item and intimate the customer about the changes made in the order. If the customer accepts the custom order, the stores can deliver the same to the customers.

Pickup confirmation: This feature can enable real-time status updates of the order to the users. When the delivery person picks up the order, he can update the pickup confirmation in the app. The user gets notified about the delivery status and details of the provider.

Multilingual option: To facilitate the global users, the multi-language feature proves to be beneficial. The users of the app can choose to swap languages at their convenience for better communication.

Flexible payment methods: Flexible payment method enables the user to make the payment either by cash or use the online payment method

Special note: Some users would wish to add special instructions to the restaurants while preparing food. It enables the user to customise their food as they wish

The must-have features of your Zomato clone script

Bug-free: The scripts should be bug-free to deliver top quality bug-free apps. If any bugs are identified, the developers should work on them immediately to provide a better service.

Native iOS& Android apps: The app should support all the languages of Android and iOS and should work smoothly on both platforms.

100% customisable: Customisable solution helps to vary the script from time to time that can attract more customers

White label solution: The app script should be a white label solution; hence you can simply place your company name, logo and other product customisations as you wish

In a nutshell,

The craze of an online food ordering among people in today’s world will make your Zomato clone app a huge hit. So, you can either build your app from scratch or team up with qualified specialists to create your app. NOW is the perfect time to take advantage of and build a top-notch on-demand food ordering app and take your business to heights.


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